AUG’s ALL STAR Elite Classic Weekend


We had the pleasure of covering the Inaugural AUG ALL Star Elite Classic, which turned out to be a huge success! Teams from North Georgia, South Georgia , North Florida, and Central Florida Traveled to Thomasville, Georgia to duke it out and find out who has the best athletes. Founder of AUG, Chad Mascoe Sr. wanted to create an event that was fun, competitive and memorable for the children and their Families, and he did just that. With Media coverage by myself, over head Live Stream by GridIron Productions and Born to Compete calling the play by play, there was a lot of exposure at this event! The Uniforms were provided by Battle which everyone liked but EVERY BODY WANTED THE CHAIN!

Ken White Jr. of Team Central Florida 6th Grade after winning the 6TH Grade MVP of the Weekend

The first day QBs got to show off the guns a little bit in the CHARLIE WARD QB CHALLENGE, which tested the QB’s strength, accuracy and touch. And then…. the action began! From the beginning to the end of the event I was definitely entertain. The level of play from all the teams. From 8th Grade all the way to 10U studs, the field was flooded with talent. The very first game between the Central Florida ALL Stars and the North Georgia ALL Stars |10U was an instant Classic! Check out the Highlights below.

10U | Central Florida V North Georgia
Click Picture above to Enter | AUG’s All Star Elite Classic

One thing that jumped out at me right away, was the fact this event was definitely family oriented. Even the adults were able to get to know each other a WHOLE lot better over a couple hands of spades! The best ice breaker EVER! But in my opinion, thee Highlight of the Weekend was the Family Bowling Night, held at Pin Stripes Bowling. This portion of the event was a major factor in building camaraderie amongst all the teams. Building relationships and friendships with players from all over the south eastern region off the field, will be an experience these young athletes will never forget!

Coach Katt’s REVIEW

In conclusion, I definitely enjoyed myself this past weekend! and here’s my review

  • Quality of Competition 4/5
  • Concessions 5/5 BBQ melted of the bone!
  • Organization 5/5 Well planned, Well executed
  • Uniforms 4/5 My favorite was North Florida
  • OVERALL 4.5/5 

After a long weekend of great football, the Inaugural AUG All Star Elite Classic is over but I’m soooo excited about the future of this game. I definitely Recommend this event and I will be back next sure for sure! See you there!

Coach Katt Approves


Day 1 Pics | Click photo above
Day 2 Pics | Click photo above
Day 2 | Family Bowling Night | Click Photo Above
Day 3 | Championship Sunday | Click Photo above

RNR Videos | 

Videos will be updated as they are uploaded

 AUG All Star Elite Classic | POOL PLAY

10U | Central Florida V North Georgia
8th Grade | North Georgia V North Florida
8Th Grade | North Georgia v Central Florida
7th Grade| South Georgia V Central Florida
10U | Central Florida V South Georgia

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