March 9, 2021

THINK YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO BE NAMED 1 OF THE TOP100 YOUTH ATHLETES IN THE NATION? Well the road to RNRTOP100 begins here! RNR Sports Media, Ubora Films, Elite Athletes Scouting Network, and The Seal Sports Presents RNR TOP100 COMBINE SERIES! This is your chance to get exposure, exclusive gear, earn stars and compete with top talent from all over the country for a spot on the RNRTOP100 PreSeason Watchlist, QB1Nation Shoot out Invitations (QBS ONLY) June 20th, and invitations to the 2021-2022 TOP DAWG INVITATIONAL 5-8th Grade (June 20 2021). The Combine Dates and Locations are as follows|

May 16th Delaware | May 22nd South Florida | June 5th Georgia | June 19th Orlando

In adherence to the COVID-19 Regulations, MASK MUST BE WORN FOR ALL NON PARTICIPANTS AT ALL TIMES. NO MASK NO ENTRY. 6ft Social Distancing must be practiced by all non participants to ensure the safety of our athletes and audience. Hand sanitizer will be stationed at the event so please take advantage. Due to COVID we will not provide hydration PLEASE BRING YOUR WATER BOTTLES.

2 sessions | YOUNGSTARS 3-5th grade and Middle School 6-8th- 125 Kids MAX! Per session! OPEN INVITE, FIRST COME FIRST SERVE! QBS MUST BRING YOUR OWN BALL

Drills | 40 yard Dash, Shuttle,& Broad Jump Get with a trainer and prepare! Features The Fastest Man Competition for each age group

AWARDS| FASTEST MAN, COMBINE KING, QB1Nation Shoot out Invitations, Big Bang TrenchWars Invitations and invitations to the 2021 TOP DAWG Invitational June 20TH Orlando.


EARLY BIRD Price| $75 + $5 Processing fee (Top and bottom) the first 50 to register.

REGULAR PRICE | $100+ $5 Processing fee (Top and bottom)

INCLUDES – RNR EXCLUSIVE GEAR (top and bottom)- Headshot- RNRTOP100 COMBINE EVALUATION- Positional Drills- 1v1s- and Combine RANKINGS! Media Packages will be available (Pics)

DISCLAIMER: IF YOU MADE THE WATCHLIST, IT DOES NOT MEAN YOU AUTOMATICALLY MAKE THE TOP100 RANKINGS! IF YOU’RE NOT ON THE WATCHLIST, IT DOESN’T MEAN YOU WONT MAKE THE FINAL TOP100 RANKINGS! Watchlist is determined by RNRTOP100 Combine and preseason season performances. RANKINGS ARE BASED ON FOOTAGE SUBMITTED, #RNRCERTIFIED SCOUTS, AND FILM CAPTURED BY Coach “Katt” Thomas (RNR SPORTS MEDIA), Coach Ty Timmons (UBORA FILMS), and Isaiah Fleming (302 ELITE ATHLETES) Darrien Green (THE SEAL SPORTS). NO REFUNDS. IF YOU CANCEL BEFORE THE DATE OF YOUR COMBINE you’re entitled to your uniform. Shipping cost MUST be paid by you be for we send the items. If you decline, your spot will be donated to an athlete on the waiting list or transfer to an individual. YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED TO GEAR IF YOU ARE A NO SHOW NO CALL! 48 hrs notice before your camp time must be given to be entitled to your gear.


June 19TH