ABG Boyz vs Blue Crush | AYF King of Spring | 9U Championship Game RNRSPOTLIGHT

June 2, 2021

ABG Boyz vs BLUE CRUSH | 9U Championship Game |

The ABG Boyz, formerly the 8U YNC National Champs Ft. Lauderdale Hurricanes, square off with the “Lebron” of 9U Football in Kaden ” Big O” Bennett and the Blue Crush at AYF’s KING of Spring. Both teams added some key pieces and there’s no better tune up than Spring football.

IMPACT PLAYERS | ABG BOYZ | Christopher Dixon, Markese Vaughn BLUE CRUSH | Kaden “Big O” Bennett

But check out the highlights above and tell us who you think win’s the rematch if they meet up during the 10U season?


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