QB Corner : Dimes All Day Spotlight

May 16, 2022
Were excited to welcome Sandwolf Quarterback Academy LLC. to the team. S.Q.A. wasted no time eager to paint a picture of his view on Youth Football’s Top Quarterback’s. An expert at training the Quarterback position is introducing full Scouting Reports starting with RNR Top 100 Top rated QB’s. Get your popcorn ready as S.Q.A. lends his eye.

QB Evaluation

Name : Kane Archer
Position : QB
Measurables: 5’11”-177 Lbs
Class : 2026
Team : 
Kansas City Outlaws (MO)
If you love a good magic trick, then you’re in the right place. Allow 
me to introduce to you all, Kane Archer A.K.A The Magician. Kane 
possess the necessary mental capacity to control the line of 
scrimmage, his ability to adjust in real time allows him to carve up 
defenses. Kane has a cannon for an arm, and he can 
stretch the field on all levels. Kane is most accurate when he has 
both of his cleats in the ground, it allows for him to stay in control of 
what’s happening around him. Kane is athletic and can make a 
defense pay for letting him get out of the pocket, and he’s quick with 
his decisions.

Areas of Improvement

I would like to see Kane incorporate better footwork 
and actual drop backs instead of being lazy with his feet. He has a 
tendency to leave his feet when buzzing in the pocket which in turn 
throws him off rhythm. Kane also needs to step to his targets and 
finish his throwing motion instead of leaving his arm ¾ then trying 
to flick his wrist, smooth is fast. Kane is what I call a gambler at the 
quarterback position because he takes huge risks which can 
sometimes be detrimental to the offense. The throws in double 
coverage must be eliminated; this is where most of his 
interceptions come from.


Despite these fixable flaws I expect Kane 
to dominate at the next level, and just like a magician, you never 
know what you’re going to get.  

Highlights :