QB1NationSpotlight | 2029| QB | Davin ” The General ” Mcdaniel | 11U | Chesterfield Falcons

September 12, 2022

Written by | Dorrington Myers

” The General “

Davin “The General ” McDaniel

IG: @davlit_804


Qb is a position you’re specifically chosen for, but for this young general he was destined to be. Davin is unfazed by pressure, confident in his abilities, yet humble. If you’re building your franchise, he’s the player you’d want to lead the charge. Davin showed up to our Seal event dominating competition. He played two levels up and earned himself the inaugural Lucille Rimmer Qb MVP award. This is awarded to the Qb who isn’t afraid to lead the pack, plays far beyond the standard, pushes past adversity, and makes no excuses just gets the job done.

Davin has a super high IQ, his ability to get through progressions make him a scary weapon. He doesn’t hold the ball for long, slicing and dicing any defense that he faces. His mechanics are super smooth on and off platform, allowing him to deliver strikes at any moment during the drive. His leadership is second to none. He always motivates his teammates when the game isn’t going their way and encourages them to keep pushing. Davin is a gamer who refuses to lose. He has elite arm talent and ball placement ability, allowing him to torment opposing secondaries for the mistakes that they make. The offense will always be in great hands. Davin is an improviser who always comes to play, he’s a game plan wrecker. Choose your poison.


One thing I’d like to see Davin do is trust his feet more. If he does this, he will be a threat to the opposing teams. Besides this small tweak, I expect this young man to be very productive and dominant on each level. There is no limit for him.