QB1nation Spotlight/ Jaden “Jigsaw “Jefferson / 2027/ LA Rampage / 14u / QB

September 16, 2022

Written by Dorrington Myers

” Jigsaw”

The Skinny:

Have you ever been to the Imax theater and been amazed by what’s on the screen? If not, then welcome. This young man is a created player straight out of a video game, he’d be a 99 overall in Madden. Play after play he’s a highlight reel. If you blink too fast you’ll miss greatness, if you take a break you’ll miss the play of the game. In short, get your popcorn ready and grab a seat. The show is set to begin.

I’ve been following this young man since he was on 9u, blazing his own path to greatness. I’m very impressed with his work ethic. When everyone is sleeping, he’s working. When everyone is working, he’s already put in ten times the work. He sharpens his mind so his body can follow, for a Qb the mind is the most powerful weapon. Jaden is extraordinary, Shifty, electrifying, and highly intelligent. He has a strong arm and explosive base. His best throws are the toughest ones where you have to throw your receivers open and find the windows. The ultimate competitor, he won’t let his teammates and coaches down. When he uses his legs, you have to pick your poison because he can hurt the defense in multiple ways. A true dual threat that opens up the playbook for his receivers. Jaden is what a Qb should be, a playmaker on all levels. He’s ahead of the game.


I’d like to see Jaden master the art of pronation. His thumb on his throwing hand should rotate down fully to complete the revolution. I’d like to see him flip his hips more as his arm comes forward to the target to transfer all of his power. He has a strong arm, it’s worth showing it. As far as accuracy, I’d like to see Jaden keep his torso torqued and front shoulder to his target. This will make him deadly accurate while being in the stationary and static position. All in all, Jaden is my favorite 14u Qb to watch. The ticket is worth the price of admission. Here we have a young man with the mamba mentality, humble, and hungry for greatness. His ceiling is endless and I’ll be following him through his entire journey.