Qb1nation spotlight / Mack ” The Captain ” Frazier / 2031 / Qb / 9u / Duval Jags

September 20, 2022

Written by Dorrington Myers

“The Captain”

The Skinny:

Every unit requires an elite commander. A captain that leads by his actions at all times. A leader so fearless that the opponent crumbles at the sight of face. It isn’t easy but this young man does it effortlessly time and time again.

Mack is a unique talent at Qb. When you talk about Duval 9u, it all starts with him. The unquestioned leader of this fearless squad has plenty to say with his play. He stands tall in the pocket delivering strikes from all levels of the gridiron. I’m extremely impressed with his accuracy on the deep ball. Once his recievers beat the DB’s it’s see you later. Mack has elite pocket awareness, using the field as his playground. He makes something out of nothing. The thing that stands out about Mack is his confidence. Mack is elite, he knows when to take contact and when to live to play another down. This is rare in a Qb. Mack excells during bad weather games, this makes him a true Ironman. Mack has a smooth game, pressure isn’t in his vocabulary. He enjoys the game with his brothers, dominating every team that they come across. Mark my words, Mack will be a nightmare for any defense that he faces moving forward.


Mack has untapped potential at the Qb position. I’d like to see him relax his arms while dropping back in the pocket. This will make his form more efficient. He has power left on his back foot as well. I’d like to see him flip his hips more to finish the transfer of power. I would also like Mack to be more in control of his feet. Once he keeps his shoulders shoulder width apart and stays balanced on both feet, it’s lights out. This young man will be making noise everywhere that he goes. Mack will make his mark, great things are on the horizon. This is a testament to his greatness.