Qb1nation spotlight / Kaden ” Kdawg ” Jenkins / 2031 / Louisville chargers/ 9u

September 22, 2022

Written by Dorrington Myers

” Kdawg “

The Skinny:

On any given team you’ll have your star players and the guys that get the job done. Then you have your dawgs. Your dawgs will always lead from the front. A dawg is somebody built different, on the field their will and determination are superior to their opponent. They refuse to give in or let up. In the end it’s all about who wants it more and who’s will is stronger. Football is truly a team sport but your dawgs, see your dawgs are the determining factors. This young man has it.

There’s something brewing in the atmosphere, Kaden is a gamechanger. I’m impressed with his decision making ability, he’s able to process plays quickly and put his team in position to score. He’s very accurate with his feet set under him and has good accuracy on the run. This allows him to stretch the defense. Kaden does well with moving the pocket as well, if the play breaks down he has the instinct to react and capitalize. He has elite anticipation, the ability to throw your recievers open without them sacrificing speed changes the momentum of a game. I like the way he manages the game, with grace and confidence.


There are a few things that I’d like to see Kaden do to take his game to new heights. I’d like to see him use his hips to generate more power and velocity. By flipping his hips to his target that eliminates the chance of the ball sailing. I would like to see him perfect his pronation, rotating his thumb downwards completely to achieve tighter spirals. The last thing I’d like to see him do is start tall, finish tall. This means his shoulders should never drop at any point during his throwing motion. By doing this , it keeps everything straight line. This young man will be a difference maker for years to come. If you’re an opposing coach, I recommend that you don’t give his offense the ball. You might not get it back. That’s efficiency right there.