Qb1nation spotlight / Sebastian ” Doc ” Galeano / West Orlando Jags/ 14u / 2027

September 24, 2022

Written by Dorrington Myers

” Doc “

The Skinny:

It’s just what the doctor ordered, this young man has ice in his veins. He’s fearless, confident, and extremely tough. A true journeyman who worked his way from the ground up, everything is earned and never given.

Sebastian has pretty good stature for a Qb, he’s tall and lean. He’s extremely accurate when all of his cleats are in the ground, he sees his target and delivers dimes. I’m impressed with his footwork, he’s extremely patient and doesn’t operate without his feet. The two most important tools that Qb’s possess are their mind and their feet. Watching his footwork is poetry in motion. His release is very smooth with no delay, this allows for quick strikes and quick scores. It’s the difference between his recievers scoring and getting first downs. He stands tall in the pocket, directing traffic. His toughness is contagious, I’m talking about Matt Stafford Kind of toughness. He doesn’t quit when he gets knocked down, he keeps pushing. He looks comfortable operating in his position as well. That’s vial to a Qb’s development process.


Sebastian has so much raw talent. Once it’s ironed out he’ll be lethal. It’s imperative that he keeps two hands on the ball at all times, small habits could be detrimental to a drive. I’d like to see him incorporate his hip flip through the target, this eliminates back foot throws. I would like him to be more consistent with stepping to his target, accuracy can always be improved upon. On his roll-outs I’d like to see him be more decisive, Don’t wait, attack. It would also benefit him to keep his eyes down field while rolling out as well, his recievers do get open. The last thing to master is his pronation. Most Qb’s throw as if they’re shooting a jumpshot. Instead it should be a downward rotation of the thumb to complete the revolution. All of these pieces are extremely important to being a successful Qb at any level. I absolutely love his upside, these minor tweaks will make him more efficient thus allowing him to be more dominant.