Qb1nation spotlight / Rylan ” Shark ” Williams / 2029 / City Life Avengers / 11u

September 27, 2022

Written by Dorrington Myers

” Shark “

The Skinny:

This young Prodigy is light-years ahead of his time. He’s the unquestioned leader of the avengers. Now that’s a title worth holding. I can count on one hand how many Qb’s of his caliber exist. Here’s the breakdown.

There’s so much to talk about in regards to his game. The first thing that impressed me was his decision making, he doesn’t force passes or tries too hard to make plays. He’s patient and trusts his offensive line, it’s amazing to see. Rylan is very accurate both on and off platform as he manipulates windows and defenses causing havoc. He’s able to take over a game and his coaches trust him to the fullest capacity, that’s vital chemistry to building a dynasty. I’m impressed with his mental capacity to read coverages, this is the 95% that separates the good Qb’s from the elite. I’d describe his play style as balanced, pick your poison though, he will make you pay with his legs and his arm. He has elite ball placement ability, his recievers always have the first chance at getting to the ball. This is important because it will either be a catch by the reciever or worst case, an incomplete pass. He’s extremely efficient, 8/10 times his offensive drives lead to touchdowns. That’s high quality right there, he trust his recievers to make every play. Rylan is in elite company, only a few Qb’s dominate like he does. He does something so unique though, he knows when to slide and protect himself. Playing Qb isn’t about running defenders over it’s about putting your guys in position to capitalize on opportunities. This thought process adds to his longevity as well, he’ll always be ready to go at the sound of the call.


Rylan has untapped potential waiting to be displayed, his ceiling is very high. He can supercede elite level with these small tweaks. I’d like to see him get a little more extension in his elbow area from his chest to target. Think small L. He would benefit greatly from having the ball loaded more towards his right chest area, this creates a quick, more efficient throwing motion. I’d like to see him perfect his pronation, turning his right thumb downward as his arm is moving to his target. This creates a tight revolution, resulting in tighter spirals and less drift on the ball. The last thing to master is flipping his hips towards his target as his arm moves forward. This will allow him to maximum his throwing power and stretch the defense effectively. Outside of these small tweaks, I love how this young man approaches the game. He never gets too high neither low. He can be as great as he allows himself to be. The power is in his hands. Whatever coaches get to coach him will be unbelievably blessed. They will be getting an outstanding young man.