Prospect Report Spotlight | 2033 | DE/WR Peyton Riles

October 7, 2022

Name : Peyton Riles 

Position : WR/DE

Class : 2033

Team : Bessemer Tigers (AL)6u

Skinny :

When I think of 6u-7u Football I consider it to be developmental football and about teaching the younger kids the game. While most kids my take time to catch on you have those advanced kids picking things up at a fast rate while dominating their peers. Peyton Riles is one of those advanced kids that pretty much can run a route and catch the ball. The thing is at 6u how many times will the ball be thrown? I’d say once or twice a game that’s why when it comes to Riles he makes it up on defense. Speed is what makes Riles a problem on defense. He’s lightning quick off the edge. His motor is also a problem for linemen to deal with and for ball-carriers trying to escape his grasp. He clearly enjoys dishing out punishment, but his nose for the ball allows him to sniff out a lot of plays behind the line of scrimmage.  At such a young it is refreshing to see the baby ballers enjoy the game and add to their growing arsenal showing the potential of what could be. 


RNRTOP100 Rating and Badges |

The RNR Committee Rates this athlete 3 out of 5 Stars. He has earned the following badges.