Qb1nation spotlight / Troy Brown III / Orlando Outlaws / 2032

October 20, 2022

Written by Dorrington Myers


Troy is a special talent at the Qb position and my goodness, he’s a joy to watch. This young man just has it and to be able to throw the ball comfortably in his age group, that’s special. We aren’t seeing many young Qb’s throwing but Troy has something to say about that. There’s a reason he holds the number 1 spot in his class.

I’m highly impressed with Troy’s accuracy on all of his passes. He’s as deadly as a surgeon. The way he moves the ball up and down the field is like poetry in motion. I love how Troy is able to go through his progressions and actually be able to process the information given. He’s sharpening his mind which will put him light-years above the competition. Although Troy is surgical through the air don’t be fooled, he’s dangerous on the ground. Troy is very elusive and crafty, he makes smart decisions which puts his offense in the best scoring positions. If he gets to the open field it’s goodbye and goodnight. I absolutely love Troy’s play style and ability. Troy is able to keep his composure even when mistakes are made. He’s mastered the art of short term memory for a Qb. That alone separates him from the rest of his class.


Even the best of the best can adjust to be Even better. Troy can surpass far beyond elite status with these minor tweaks. I’d like to see Troy open his elbow a little more . This creates a smoother release for him. Troy will benefit greatly from incorporating buzzing his feet when stationary in the pocket. He has a tendency to have dead feet which can slow a drive down and decrease momentum. Troy should also finish his entire throwing motion, don’t shorten the throw. Sometimes he finishes his pronation before his entire arm can reach his targets. By bringing his arm through his front foot, it allows him to stay consistently accurate. The next thing to address is his back foot. I’d like Troy to eliminate the wide swing of his back foot and slightly raise it then plant the top of his big toe into the ground as he flips his hips. This creates better stability during and after the throw. Being balanced is vital. The last thing that Troy can improve on is his ball load placement. By this I’m referring to him having the ball loaded closer to his right chest area. Troy’s release is quick already but this tweak will eliminate any wasted motion. This young man is a dynamic Qb and an excellent leader. I expect greatness from him and nothing less.