Qb1nation spotlight / John “Jett ” Tillman / 2034

October 24, 2022

Written by Dorrington Myers

” Jett “


This young man can flat out ball. At such a young age he plays beyond his age group. He’s developing rather quickly and his work ethic is contagious. There aren’t many Qb’s that are left handed who can throw well but John begs to differ.

I’m highly impressed with John’s work thus far. John is electrifying, elusive, confident, but most of all humble. I love how confident he is in his ability to deliver the ball and not only that, he trusts his teammates to make the necessary plays. John debunks all the myths about left handed Qb’s, he can throw, he can run, he puts his team in position to score. John is very accurate both from the stationary position as well as the static position. That’s impressive for a Qb to be able to deliver the ball from any launch point. John is very elusive, shades of a young Vick when he was in Atlanta. Catch me if you can is what I think about when I see him scramble. John is tough and durable. John has a very high IQ. I like that he scrambles to buy time instead of scrambling just to run. He’s poised in the pocket and he’s very coachable. They call him Jett for a reason and he doesn’t disappoint.


John has already set himself apart from his peers. These tweaks will keep him ahead of the game for years to come. For a Qb his age you can expect that there are some things to correct. I’ll start with ball load placement, John tends to load the ball near his belly button. This is a simple tweak, loading the ball in his left chest area will make his throwing motion more smooth. I’d like John to keep his cleats in the ground while throwing as well. This means at no point should he be leaving both of his feet to throw the ball. This will make his platform more stable. John will benefit tremendously from relaxing his front shoulder. His chest is closed off which in turn restricts his arm from fully rotating through his motion. Relaxing it allows for more room to be surgical. John should also keep his feet shoulder width apart at all times. He tends to be a little clicky with his heels but it’s an easy fix. John has a tendency to have dead feet in the pocket. This can be corrected by buzzing his feet while stationary. The last tweak to make his John’s Apex. When I saw Apex this is the inside of a Qb’s elbow as he goes through his throwing motion. John’s Apex is slightly closed off forcing him to shot put the ball a little bit. By opening his elbow and going from his chest directly to his Apex, he can eliminate the need for pushing the ball. Despite these tweaks, John is special and I see him having a lot of success in his near future. I absolutely love this young man and how he approaches the game.