Qb1nation spotlight / Zay Mckeever / Central Delkab Lambo / 2030

October 26, 2022

Written by Dorrington Myers


Ever so often I come across a Qb who can do amazing things. If you can play, you’ll be found and I absolutely love this young man’s game. Zay has set himself apart, amassing an astounding number of touchdown passes with 50 even before playoffs have begun. These only marks that the legends can reach, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and Patrick Mahomes in no particular order. Zay is special, no doubt.

Zay has a certain moxy and confidence to him. This comes from experiences and his relentless work ethic. In practice he leads from the front and that’s vital for a Qb to do. Zay has mechanics that are very smooth. His release has no hitch and he’s deadly accurate from all three levels of the field. This allows him to read his progressions with ease because his form is second nature. Zay has an extremely high IQ. Leading a college style offense at his level can be a tough task but he’s up for the challenge and executes very well. I love how his coaches pour into his development, allowing Zay to grow in game and hone in on his passing ability. The most amazing part about Zay in the passing game is his poise and patience. He can read on the move and make all of the throws. His style reflects his game as well, classic and one of a kind. Zay is one of a small few of all Qb’s in any age group combined who are considered true Triple threats. Effective through the air, on the ground, and most importantly mentally. Qb’s will make mistakes and I love how zay doesn’t hang his head instead, he learns from it and executes. There’s so much more to say but i wanted to point out what Zay does special. He’s become my favorite 10u Qb to watch.


Zay is one of the greats now and will be mentioned as one of the all-time goats later. These tweaks will allow him cement his legacy for years to come. I’d like to see Zay improve on his ball load placement. He has the right idea but loading the ball near his right chest area allows for a quicker release and less wasted motion. When Qb’s load the ball away from that area it causes a delay in mechanics as well as possible injury. Zay would also benefit from fully finishing his pronation. His wrist is there, now we just need a little more turnover flipping his thumb downward until he can see the inside of his hand. This creates that deadly velocity and it takes pressure off of his throwing shoulder. The last thing I’d like Zay to do is trust his feet more. He’s very mobile and sometimes not using that ability can land him in unnecessary situations with unwanted sacks or turnovers. Don’t be afraid to make a play off platform. Overall I’m very impressed with Zay. His leadership is outstanding, his play style is electrifying, and he loves playing this great game of football along side his brothers. This right here is the making of an All-American.