Prospect Report Spotlight | 2027 | QB/TE Rylen Zamora

November 8, 2022

Evaluated by Dorrington Myers

Name: Rylen Zamora

Position: QB

Class: 2027

Team: West Kendall Dolphins 13u ( FL )


Rylen is an interesting Qb prospect with an abundance of untapped potential. There’s something about him, his play style is unique and different from other Qb’s which can be a really good thing. This was his first season in charge of the offense, accepting this role displays his character and confidence. It can be scary taking on the Qb position but he has stepped up to the plate.

There were a few things that stood out to me about Rylen. Rylen has confidence that’s unmatched and it’s contagious. His teammates thrive off of his energy. Rylen is pretty decent at moving the pocket, I like the way he uses his instinct. He’s deceptively mobile which is a tool he can always keep in his back pocket. Rylen is accurate as well, he has the ball placement ability to make defenses think twice. Rylen reminds me of a young Philip Rivers, his release is pretty quick and he throws a very tight spiral. Rylen is smart, his IQ shows on the field as he makes calculated moves to put his offense is scoring position. I also like that he’s a 2-way player. His instincts on defense is impressive, he’s always at the right spot at the right time. As a linebacker this is crucial. Rylen has the ability to be really good at Qb and his upside is looking good as well.


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The RNR Committee Rates this athlete 2.5 out of 5 stars. His evaluation has earned him the following badges as well.