RnRtop100 player spotlight / AJ Garrison / Gwinnett Top Gunz 11u / 2029 / RB

November 25, 2022

Written by | Dorrington Myers


Playing RB requires an individual to have a certain mindset, it’s no easy feat. RBs take the bulk of the contact and often times are the players who carry their teams on their shoulder. It comes with a lot of responsibility and pressure. The best backs embrace the pressure and contact, it’s the challenge that excites them. Here’s one RB who does it the way it’s supposed to be done, he’s known as A-train.

Aj is a RB to be feared, a physical specimen who thrives off of contact and pressure. The first thing that impressed me was his balance, Aj has solid footwork that works in his favor and it’s like his feet have eyes when he can’t see. Aj is a powerful runner as well, for a defender it would be like stepping in front of a freight train, he’s going either way. Aj has great acceleration, his first step is swift and quick causing defenders to stop in their tracks. If Aj is ever in a 1 v 1 situation with a defender, he’s guaranteed to win it 9/10 times and that’s rare out of any back. He’s the perfect mix of power and speed, a lot of defensive coordinators might sleep on Aj until they realize he can’t be caught in the open field. Aj has the breakaway speed necessary to make an impact every time he sees green grass. AJ’s vision is impressive, he has the awareness to know that if the hole is closed, make a new one and go. Another thing that separates Aj from the rest of his class is his ability to catch out of the backfield, this adds a new element for a defense to figure out. He can run any route on the route tree and his hands are golden. Aj ups his game during national play, it’s no secret that he’s getting the ball but can you stop him? He doesn’t play at the level of competition, he plays far beyond it. I see Aj having a ton of success in his career and one day he will have the chance to bring home a Heisman trophy.


Aj is every coaches dream RB, fast, physical, smart, and versatile. There isn’t much he can’t do. If Aj takes these minor tweaks and adds them to his game then he will be unstoppable in every since of the word. Aj tends to run with high shoulder pads sometimes, as he gets older having a lower center of gravity will be his best friend. This protects him from injury and makes him a more dominant runner. I’d like Aj to switch the ball to his outside arm more often to protect the ball from oncoming defenders. He doesn’t fumble at all, this would prepare him for the next levels to come. Defenders will be stronger, faster, smarter so why not stay ahead of the game. Mark my words, Aj will be a top recruit and the best back to come out Georgia for years to come. His talent has no limits.