RnRtop100 Supershowcase spotlight / Elim Toudle / 2028 / WR / PA

December 12, 2022

Written by | Dorrington Myers


Elim is a WR capable of taking the roof off of any defense. If he’s ever 1 v 1 with a DB you better get your popcorn ready, he won’t disappoint. Elim is very productive, his numbers match his performance. He’s a sure handed catcher who maximizes his reps, so feeding him the ball will only elevate the offense. I love Elim’s ability to high point the ball. He’s what I consider to be a deep threat reciever type. His vertical leap is off the charts as well. Jumpman is his super power. Long story short, Elim is a match-up nightmare. Hold on to your seats because Elim is locked and loaded.