RnRtop100 Supershowcase spotlight / Gavin Kouassi / DT / 2031 / FL

December 12, 2022

Written by |Dorrington Myers


DT is a position that doesn’t get much praise but today that changes. Gavin is a dawg on that D-line. To play this position it takes, heart, grit, and the ability to take somebody’s will away from them, then take out the backfield. Some pass rushers intimidate Qb’s with their sheer pressure, creating a hostile environment for the Qb to operate. Gavin is extremely physical and loves contact so getting dirty doesn’t bother him. He’s one of those players that others naturally follow. Matching up with him is like running into a brick wall, power is his game. Hail Fearmonger, he’s coming to a backfield near you. Gavin is locked and loaded.