RnRtop100 Supershowcase spotlight / Noah Tarrant / 2029 / WR / TX

December 26, 2022

Written by | Dorrington Myers

Here’s one of my favorite recievers between all of the classes. Noah has X- factor written all over him. I don’t think there’s anything that he can’t do. Noah is versatile, as he can play the X and the slot positions effectively. He’s more dominant at the X in my opinion. I see shades of Mike Thomas in his play style. Noah is a big possession reciever with excellent hands. I like how he can be effective in good and bad weather games. When there’s a jump ball, Noah will come down with it majority of the time. He’s a deep threat presence who can stretch the field at any given moment. Noah is an explosive leaper who isn’t afraid to go across the middle of the field either. His most impressive attribute on the field is his YAC, or yards after the catch. This is the bread and butter for the best recievers in the game. Noah is a DB’s worst nightmare so they better buckle up or get left behind. Noah is locked and loaded.