Qb1nation senior spotlight / Zach Pleuss / 2023 / QB / Lakeland

January 3, 2023

Written by | Dorrington Myers



Zach is a Qb who gets the job done. This season he led his Lakeland team to their 8th FHSAA 4S state Championship title. To join a new team, master a new system, then execute at a high level is simply outstanding. Zach is an original RnRtop100 kid who since it’s inception, has been the example of what right looks like. We’ve been spoiled to have front row seats to his journey thus far. Zach has the necessary tools to make the jump to the next level.

Zach is a dual threat Qb who can make magic out of chaos. His prototype is classified as an improviser. Zach has a high IQ which allows him to process information fast. I like his awareness of what’s happening on the field around him. He stays ready. Zach is very accurate on the run as well as stationary. He can make virtually every throw on the field. Everything from digs, curls, posts, fades, and comebacks. Zach is also fearless in the pocket. Whether a defender is in his face or near his area, Zach can still make the throws accurately. Zach’s best physical attribute is his ability to evade pressure and operate outside of the pocket. He doesn’t run just to run, instead he runs to buy time for his recievers to get open. That’s special as he stays poised and under control at all times. Zach has elite ball placement ability as well. His recievers have first chance when it’s in the air. Zach has the elite touch to go along with impeccable timing. His recievers don’t have to sacrifice speed for production. I like his arm strength paired with his accuracy. Zach can stretch the field with the best of them. His mechanics are solid, with no wasted motion and a quick strike arm rotation. This allows Zach to beat the defense with his eyes. I like how Zach is in control of his feet, it’s poetry in motion. He’s rarely off balance and can change his arm angle at any given time. When you have a Qb that can manipulate the field like this, you add an extra weapon to the arsenal. Although Zach might not be the biggest Qb, he has a tall frame which I expect him to grow into, standing 6ft 2 inches before he touches down on campus. His play will silence any doubt from anyone. Zach is indeed a pillar to any program that he joins and any college coach would be lucky to get him on their roster.


Zach is a special talent at the Qb position. These tweaks will help elevate his game as he prepares for the next level. I’d like to see Zach trust his instincts more, when it’s time to go, go! The pocket will breakdown sometimes because lineman are human as well, they will get tired. Don’t wait for the ground to shake to get out of dodge, make a play. Another thing I’d like Zach to do is consistently attack the line of scrimmage when throwing on the run. This puts a defense in a tough spot. Do they let the Qb run or leave recievers open? I believe Zach can use this as an advantage in his career. Last but certainly not least, protection. I’d like Zach to get into the habit of sliding to avoid unnecessary contact. There’s a time and place for a Qb to embrace contact. Good Qb’s come a dime a dozen so any coach will want to protect that Qb from possible injury. I expect nothing short of greatness from Zach as he progresses and matures at the Qb position. His potential is limitless and I know he’ll be ready to lead the charge.