Rnrtop100 Supershowcase prospect report part 9

January 18, 2023

Written by | Dorrington Myers

Name: Benjamin Havunen

Class: 2027

Position: OG


Benjamin is one of the premier OGs in the country. I absolutely love how he approaches the game, not only on the field but in the classroom and in the weight room. He’s an athletic OG with quick feet that’s very explosive. Benjamin is able to meet his defender at the point of attack. In his pass sets, Benjamin can hold his ground against the best pass rushers. This shows me that Benjamin knows how to use his leverage and weight to his advantage. In his run sets, he can move the pile and clear the lanes for his RBs to move the chains. I’m impressed with his ability to move in space, using his athleticism to execute pull and trap action. Benjamin is very strong, and paired with his lethal hands, he’s the ultimate protector. Benjamin has a solid foundation built that he can keep building on. I expect great things from him in the near future.

Name: Aiden Tucker

Class: 2031

Position: RB


One of the premier playmakers in the country, is right in our backyard. I love everything about this young man. He’s humble yet confident, physical, fast, and just an all-world talent. Aiden can play any skill position on the field, making him a nightmare for DCs to plan for. He’s a natural in the RB position, running as if he was born to fly. Aiden has excellent balance and agility. Once he sees the lane, he’s explosive enough to get there quickly, activating his 2nd gear. Aiden is extremely elusive, one of the more exciting players to get into space. Space is his element, Aiden is a tough player to tackle in the open field, one, two, three players isn’t enough to contain him. He isn’t afraid of contact but loves to get to the edge. What separates Aiden from the rest of the pack is his ability to catch. Aiden uses all hands and his jumping ability is scary. This puts Aiden in rare company as an every down back. He’s the kind of player that keeps DCs up at night.

Name: Darryl Hubbert

Class: 2032

Position: CB


Welcome to Hubbert island, a first class experience for any WR who wants to visit. Darryl is technically sound which is outstanding to see at such a young age. He has elite hip rotation and flexibility. He has elite instinct and is one of the toughest CBs in the country. I see shades of a Sauce Gardner. A man to man lock down CB, who’s very physical in run support. His best skill is playing the ball in the air, there are no catches allowed. I’m excited to see how Darryl develops and grows, his ceiling is limitless.

Name: Jalen Sumo Robertson

Class: 2031

Position: QB


This young field general is a joy to watch. Jalen has a very high IQ which allows him to execute at a high level. I’m impressed with his capability to learn and run an RPO college style offense at the 9u level. He’s become a dangerous dual threat that can hurt a defense through the air and on the ground. I like his short game and intermediate accuracy. It’s hard to beat a QB that can get the ball out of his hands quick allowing his teammates to create. Jalen also has solid arm strength and if slept on, he’ll put the ball downfield accurately. In the Supershowcase game, Jalen threw a beautiful strike across the middle of the field in the opening quarter that allowed his WR to finish the play, putting 6 points on the board. Jalen made it look effortless as he dropped back and trusted that his reciever would be there to get the ball.