Rnrtop100 prospect report spotlight / Reuben Johnson III / 2034 / QB/S

January 24, 2023

Written by | Dorrington Myers


Reuben is an electrifying athlete that can score from anywhere on the field. He’s very shifty and has excellent agility. I like his ability to operate in space, it’s refreshing to see. He’s extremely fast as well. Once he gets to the open field he’s off to the races. I like how he has complete control as a runner, it’s a smooth motion. He can make something out of nothing. Above all, I love his awareness. When one lane closes, another one opens and Reuben can accelerate with the best of the best. Having world class speed as a playmaker is a special skill. As the motto goes, speed kills!


I’d like to see Reuben throw the ball, can he be a true dual threat QB? I’d also like to see him develop the habit of making one cut and going. Sometimes one move is all that it takes to create space. Despite these, I’m absolutely excited to see how Reuben develops, this young man is gifted.




The RNR Committee Rates this athlete 3 out of 4 stars ( 4 being the max for 8u and under) . His evaluation has earned the following badges as well.