RnRtop100 prospect report spotlight / Tyler Hatton / 2027 / DE/TE

January 31, 2023

written by | Dorrington Myers


Tyler is a gifted student athlete that excells on and off the field. He’s one of my favorite young stars to watch. The first thing that stands out on tape is his size. Tyler stands 6 ft 3 inches and weighs 205 pounds, with plenty of growing left to do. On defense Tyler is a premier pass rusher from his DE position. He has a good balance between being a speed and power rusher, which is very rare. Most players are good at doing one or the other. Tyler is very disruptive from a “5-technique” and “6i-technique”, using the given leverage to the best of his ability. The power he generates makes him a tough player to block. I like his technique. Tyler does well with winning his one on one match-ups. Simply by being quicker and using his hands aggressively. His rip move is vicious as tackles have a tough time staying in front of him. Tyler is also flexible. This allows him to get under and around an OT to get to the QB quickly. I like that Tyler is able to pick up ground with his long strides by having excellent feet drive. Tyler’s IQ is very high, he’s aware of field positioning, and down and distance. Tyler is good at using his opponents strengths against them. I love Tyler’s ability to read and react. He’s patient, sets the edge, and his tackle pursuit is outstanding. He’s a hand full for any O-linemen that matches up with him. On offense Tyler is a match-up nightmare from his TE spot. He’s the perfect dual threat. He’s a physical run blocker who can take his opponent to the parking lot, and he can run any route on the route tree. Tyler has elite hands, anything the QB puts in the air, Tyler will come down with it. He’s very athletic, reminiscent of Rob Gronkowski. Tyler has elite jumping ability and is up top chicken box certified. Don’t get caught in a one on one match-up with him, he’ll put you on a highlight reel. I like how balanced Tyler is. He has solid footwork to go along with his long athletic frame. This makes Tyler the perfect X-factor.


Tyler is a physical specimen in his own right and once he fills into his frame, the game will come easier to him. Tyler is explosive, but has a tendency to stand too high out of his stance when rushing the QB. This takes away some of Tyler’s power and speed. Tyler should drop his butt lower as he drives his feet into the ground. This will generate more force as Tyler is moving towards the QB. Some tackles can only keep up with one side. This will help Tyler be more explosive from his TE spot as well. Tyler is exceptional from an overall standpoint. His game can easily transfer to the next level, as long as he stays dedicated to his craft. Tyler has no limitations.




The RNR Committee Rates this athlete 4 out of 5 stars. His evaluation has earned the following badges as well.