RnRtop100 | Player spotlight | Norman Smith III | C/O 2034 | Qb |Hampton Roads Wolfpack

April 20, 2023

Written by | Dorrington Myers


This is a Youngstar that I’ve been following for some time now. Norman stands amongst very few that can throw the ball, and be effective in his respective class. Special isn’t the word, he’s electrifying. Norman is a dual threat Qb that can change the momentum of a game instantly. On the ground, he super quick, fast, and has really good vision. Through the air, his arm strength is great, he’s very accurate, and he can throw on the run. Did I mention that he’s done all of this on the 6u level? Wow! I remember watching the championship game where his team played against a very talented East End group. Norman dropped back and delivered a perfectly placed ball where his reciever could run right under it, taking it to the promised land. This had to be at least a 35 yard pass. What I love most is his leadership. Norman is very coachable, and encourages his teammates throughout the game. He throws one of the most beautiful spirals I’ve ever seen. I’m excited to see how Norman grows as he moves to each new level. His potential is limitless. His mechanics are pretty smooth, especially for being so young. You won’t see many young Qb’s that can learn and execute a tempo offense like Norman either. This young man is one of a kind. Last but certainly not least, his playaction fakes. Norman is a magician with it. You can see on film where his fake freezes the entire defense. That’s a huge advantage come gameday. The rest of the season, I expect big things from this young man. His stock is rising very quickly.