RnRtop100 prospect spotlight|Kaden Jones|Chesterfield Falcons|C/O 2027| ATH

April 26, 2023

Written by | Dorrington Myers


Kaden is one of the most electrifying playmakers I’ve ever seen in person. I’ve watched his growth from the lower levels to now. He’s a jack of all trades and has a major impact within all phases of the game, literally. On offense he’s a dual threat that can attack on the ground like a running back with elite vision and agility. Kaden can also throw and deliver the ball with precision from the pocket. On defense he’s a lock down CB that can also play safety. Kaden plays with excellent range. Kaden is a ball hawk and his instincts are beyond exceptional. His best skill as a DB is his ability to create turnovers and turn them into points. On special teams, Kaden is a house call waiting to happen. Every time he touches the ball, there’s a high probability of him scoring. He’s extremely Shifty, fast, strong, and very smooth. Kaden is the ultimate X-factor. This young man has a very high ceiling and only keeps getting better. I’m excited to see how Kaden develops. His talent has no limits.

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