RnRtop100 next level spotlight|Brandon Davis II|Gainesville Middle School|C/O 2029|QB

April 27, 2023

Written by | Dorrington Myers


Brandon has done some spectacular things throughout his youth career. He’s a proven winner. The Red Elephants are getting a good one. Brandon understands the Qb position and the expectations that come with it. He’s mature beyond his years when it comes down to focus, and having the desire to constantly improve. Brandon leads by example by being the first one in, and last one out. He also asks important questions. This is a credit to his hardwork. He’s a high energy guy that can lead any locker room that he steps foot into. Brandon has a very high IQ to go along with these excellent qualities. It’s become second nature to him when he’s faced with pressure. His best talent is his ability to make something out of nothing. When the play breaks down and there are no recievers open, you can count on Brandon to make the right decisions. He’s what I would call an improviser. Brandon has impressive strength as well. He already squats 250 heading into 7th grade, that’s excellent. This translated to the field, will turn heads for sure. As Brandon continues his journey, I expect nothing less than greatness from him. His stock is steadily rising.

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