RNRTOP100 | Player Spotlight | Carter Leslie | C/O 2033 | Blackman Blazing Apes

May 11, 2023

Written by Coach Katt

Name: Carter “Carterbands” Leslie

Class: 2033

Position: RB/MLB


      The Blackman Blaze do just that blaze on the back of the hard nosed runner and defensive terrorist, Carter Leslie. Carterbands is a 2way athlete out of Tennessee who brings the thunder for the Blackman Blazing Apes. He’s a bruiser that always gain more after first contact. He punishes would be tacklers in the same fashion that he punishes runners on the defensive side of the ball. After scavenging his YouTube Channel he really impressed us at LB. He finds runners in the hole, drops the hammer and delivers the blow! Even will run sideline to sideline to track down a ball carrier. He’s incredibly instinctive for such a young athlete and he will only get better. His instinct allows him to always be in the right place at the right time and create havoc for opposing offenses.

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The RNR Committee Rates this athlete 3.5 out of 4 Stars. His evaluation has earned the following badges as well.