Sandwolf Quarterback Academy | Qb camp spotlight | Brandon Davis II | 2029 | Camp: Flight school 2023 by Qbtakover

May 24, 2023

Written by | Dorrington Myers



First I’d like to give a shout out to Coach Shorty and the Qbtakover staff. You guys are doing some great work over there. After watching Brandon perform, I see great progress being made across the board. The goal is to be 1% better than you were yesterday. As a Qb, footwork is your best friend. It’s every Qb’s bread and butter. I was highly impressed with Brandon’s footwork. Brandon has established a solid, sturdy base with his feet shoulder width apart, as well as having no clicking with the heels. This is a sign of a very disciplined quarterback. Brandon has super quick vertical and lateral movement in the pocket, showcasing his escapability and artistry. His feet also allows him to stay accurate.

Along with footwork progressions, Brandon has improved with his throwing on the run accuracy. He looks more relaxed, and more confident. He’s always been good at throwing on the run but he has since taken it to a new level. The way Brandon moves the pocket while staying calm under pressure is refreshing to see. Brandon has learned to use his legs as a deadly weapon against the defense. Not to immediately take off running, but to extend the play for his playmakers to find space. I’ve always said that Brandon’s ability to operate off-platform seperates him from the rest of the pack. This holds true. The knock on Brandon has been his size but his play supercedes this by far. Brandon has improved on his overall confidence and I believe that this will be a breakout season for him.