Sandwolf Quarterback Academy | Player spotlight | Brysen Wright | Atlanta Rarebreed | 12u | WR

July 31, 2023

Written by | Dorrington Myers


An extraordinary reciever with an impressive range of skills. His competitive nature, talent, and productivity make him a reliable asset in that position. Moreover, his ability to influence the game in various aspects make Brysen a true game changer. As a match-up nightmare, Brysen creates challenges for opposing teams. His electrifying abilities as a return man allow Brysen to capitalize on opportunities and convert plays into points. Brysen is an invaluable addition to any team he plays for. When you dawn the Roman numeral 3, you’re telling your opponent to pick your poison. There’s no wonder why Brysen is dominant within all three phases of play.


• Terrifying leaping ability — climbs the ladder to snatch passes out the air

• Creates after the catch — Shifty and has great vision as a runner

• Great body control — able to put himself in position to maneuver and make difficult catches

• Catching — excellent hands that bring the ball in with ease, his focus while Catching is second to none, making him extremely reliable

• Confident and competitive

• Kick return and Punt return — a player that you have to kick away from or he’ll make you pay for it

• Catch radius — ridiculous area of coverage that is to be revered, he’s the best at high pointing the ball and has outstanding range when locating the ball

• Size — big target that can move like a slot receiver in the open field, also a dominant physical presence in the red zone

• Fluid and fast


• Route running — tends to slow down on his route if the play is going away from his side

• Ball security — loose carry, swings the ball in front of defenders face which allow great defenders the chance to swipe at the ball

• Posture — comes up way too high out of his release which can allow a better corner to get hands on

• Stalk block — needs to be more consistent with blocking when the ball is away from his side

Overall assessment:

Brysen is an exceptional athlete with a dominant presence on the field. As a generational talent, he possesses both physical attributes and skills that enable him to take over games whenever needed. His ability to excel in the red zone makes him a significant threat, and he’s a reliable target in critical moments of a game. His exceptional hands make him an invaluable asset to his team.Defensively, teams will have to strategize carefully to contain him, even resorting to double coverage. Despite that, Brysen’s talent and determination make him difficult to stop.

As he progresses through his career, he’s likely to attract significant attention from top colleges due to his skills and potential. Keep an eye on him as he continues to rise through the ranks; he’s undoubtedly a top recruit in the making.