The Unsung Hero K.J Ishmael

September 21, 2023

Name : Kevin Ishmael III

Position : Athlete

Measurables : 5’6”-135 Lbs

Class : 2028

Team : West Orlando Jags (FL)

Skinny :

Oftentimes, the nation’s top youth players move on to the high school level as raw talents who have relied solely on their athleticism to emerge as top prospects.

Others have excelled while playing multiple positions—which led to certain prospects being labeled as athletes entering high school. Today I chose to focus on an Unsung Hero at the athlete position that doesn’t get enough credit. Folks West Orlando aka Da 100K Boyz class of 2028 phenom K.J. Ishmael isn’t the biggest, isn’t the fastest or even the strongest, but this playmaker makes up for that with an extremely high football IQ. Armed with a mental make-up that most coaches would only dream of having in every player. When K.J number is called it doesn’t matter what position he is called to play expect maximum effort along with an elite skillset. 

For the 2nd time in less than a year K.J has had the task of playing the Quarterback position verses the National powerhouse OG Ducks out of California. This is news because this kid is a standout defensive-back who is a former Florida Elite 2020 Field General award recipient, so one would think his Jags team wouldn’t be the same high powered offensive juggernaut since he is 3 years removed from starting at the QB position. That would be the first mistake one would make, underestimating K.J a kid who led his team to victory over this same team with it all on the line at YNC when it was win or go home. Ishmael remains rather unpolished from a fundamental perspective, particularly when it comes to footwork which is understandable because he hasn’t played Quarterback position since the addition of starter A.J Chung. What this phenom lacked in training he made up for it with his poise & composure in the pocket. His ability to retain information and run his team’s offense with such efficiency was impressive. He stood tall delivering strike after strike spreading the wealth, but not forgetting to feed the beast that is Kam Fuse. Another part of Ishmael’s game that must be highlighted is his athleticism never to be mistaken for a statue in the pocket, when protection broke down his improvising instincts kicked in throwing dimes on the run Swiss cheesing the Ducks secondary. Some would only hope to beat the Ducks just once in their youth career Mr. Everything Man K.J Ishmael did it twice in a year, leading his team to a huge 22-7 victory. 

As much as I would like to continue to praise K.J on stepping up in the biggest moments. I would like to focus on where this phenom shines week in and week out because after all he is defiantly one of the top utility players in the country. Ishmael is 2-time RNR Defensive MVP who happens to be a potential game-changer in the secondary, Ishmael is an athlete who enjoys taking on the challenge of covering bigger receivers. He has a competitive nature that makes him attractive to coaches, and his versatility on the field could get him early playing time at the next level. Ishmael is an instinctive natural playmaker that plays the game with a physical nature, particularly in short and intermediate passing situations. He has good speed and explosiveness off the snap. He uses his athleticism to outmuscle receivers at the line. The ultimate competitor who leads by example let’s his play do the talking. This phenom doesn’t have to be the best player on his team but he is the most valued because he is unselfish and always on go. His attitude & experience alone is why he will thrive in any setting and continue to evolve into a high valued prospect. Skies the limit for this talented X-Factor.