The Unsung Heroes: An Exclusive Interview with Lake Mary’s Star Offensive Linemen 

September 22, 2023

Written by | Aaron Tank Jones | Trenchmen Academy 

The rule of the game is no respect, no glory in most cases of media. With this media outlet, We wish to Bring exposure, truth, honor and respect to legitimate Athletes.  

To be interviewed are Dominic Sorrentino (RT) Joshua Raymond (LT), Nolan Bajgier (LG), 

  The Lake Mary Rams are on an early season roll and have been showing an awesome display of offensive dominance thus far this season. This offensive attack has put up 157 points in three games, for an average of 52.3 points per game. Whoa! That’s a feat most couldn’t achieve on Madden! The Rams are Lead by QB Noah Grubbs who recently turned in an 8 TD Performance and is on a tare. Most will tell you that Noah’s decisiveness and delivery are the foundation of their explosive offense, some will say their sly and quick WRs are game changers, others even blame a running game that erupts at any key moments. 

     But as my coach always said, “No line, no shine!”, I personally love “In front of every great QB is a greater line!” The offensive linemen are the least celebrated on any team yet take on the brunt of the work every play. So today’s subject of this article and our Unsung Heroes of the day are Dominic Sorrentino (RT) Joshua Raymond (LT), Nolan Bajgier (LG)

Size Matters |

These are not your average high school offensive line, most high school have to recruit to find this type of size. Lake Mary has been fortunate to have this type of size on their offensive attack but any QB and RB would be thanking their lucky stars for this type of size blocking for them!

Dominic Sorrentino is a 6’5” 280 Junior which puts him in the class of 2025. He is an offensive linemen that can play Center, Guard, Tackle. Twitter | @dominics2025 | HUDL Below

Joshua Raymond 6’4” 275 Senior Left Tackle in the class of 2024 is currently a Power 5 commit to Vanderbilt. Twitter | @joshuaraymond72 | HUDL Below

Nolan Bajgier 6’3” 285 Junior who is also in the class of 2025. He can play Left Guard or Right Guard. Twitter | @nolanbajgier  | HUDL Below


The Value of a Game-Changer

What makes you so valuable to Lake Mary’s Offense? 

“Lake Mary’s offense, is so valuable because we’re all studs. A lot of teams have one or two guys but we’re all good from the oline to the quarterback to the receivers. “ – Joshua Raymond responds 

“Protect the qb, provide running lanes, and driving people.” – Dominic Sorrentino believes

“What makes me so valuable to the Lake Mary offense is my ability to drive people off the ball, and pull which allow us to have a run game but also the ability to kick back and give our quarterback time pass. This keeps the defense on their heels and gives us a better chance at striking.” – Nolan Bajgier 

It’s incredible to hear these young men think, know, and believe so highly of themselves in such a dominant offensive.  That’s put up 157 points in three games, for an average of 52.3 points per game.

Aiming Higher

What is your goal for the rest of this season?

“Continue improving my performance and create highlights.” – Dominic Sorrentino 

“My goal for the rest of this season is to elevate my play to another level. I want to be firing off the ball even harder and punishing anyone and everyone who is lined up in front of me. “ -Nolan Bajgier 

“My goal for the rest of the season is the dominate every snap until I get my state championship ring!” – Joshua Raymond 

This conversation has taught me that dominance is the name of the game. Work ethic and sacrifice are the first steps. These young men work out together on weekends after game day and before returning to practice on Monday. Despite averaging 52.3 points per game this season, they are still analyzing their negative plays and assessing what they ought to have done better.

Brotherhood on the Line

 Do you feel that your offensive line is a brotherhood?

The giant Dominic Sorrentino simply puts it “Yes I do.”

The wise words of the leader Joshua Raymond states “This offensive line is something special we’re not just teammates We’re family. We’re always hanging out, getting food together, play video games together but most importantly, we’re all working our hardest together, and that builds something more than friendship.” 

“Our offensive line is like a brotherhood because of how close we are and how hard we work. We all want to be the best versions of ourselves so we keep each other accountable and encourage one another whether it’s on the field or in the weight room.” The words of dedicated Nolan Bajgier 

This question has unloaded great knowledge and some young men with a great head on their shoulders. 

Attached to those shoulders are bodies that measure the size of grown men.

Pancake Count

 How many pancakes do you have this season?

“This is been my most dominant season so far within the first three games I have 18 pancakes.” – Joshua Raymond

“1.” – Dominic Sorrentino 

“I have around 8 pancakes so far.” – Nolan Bajgier 

Legacy on the Line

How do you want to be remembered? How do you want your story as an OL to be told?

“I want to remember this time as being enjoyable but not look past the hard work I put in daily to have success on the field. I want to be known for being an aggressive player. “ 

– Nolan Bajgier 

“ I want to be remembered as one of the hardest working players anybody will ever see. Also as a  leader, so other lineman around me, can follow my path. “ – Joshua Raymond

“I want to be remembered as someone who worked hard, who always gave their best effort, and was very dedicated.” -Dominic Sorrentino 

A Message for the Future

 What message do you have for future OL?

“Keep working hard and trust your brothers on the line.” – Dominic Sorrentino 

“A message I have for future o lineman is to never doubt yourself, you can accomplish anything you put your mind to.” – Nolan Bajgier 

“If I had a message for other OL’s it would be hard work will beat natural talent every time and you can outwork anybody.”

To me, the message is plain. HARD WORK enables you to attain success, as these young men have. I had a lot of fun writing this story, and I’m glad I was able to throw some light on these young men. I hope you had as much fun reading about them as I did writing about them.

Author | | Aaron Tank Jones | Trenchmen Academy