2023 1st Quarter X-Factor Watchlist

September 27, 2023

Name : Elijah Harris

Position : RB

Measurables : 5’8’’-181 Lbs

Class : 2028

Team : Ginn Elite (OH) 14u

Skinny :

X-Factors are born in Preseason when some bigtime matchups take place. Elijah Harris of Ginn Elite has stepped to the fore front putting in work sporting the #13 jersey and from Ohio, you can’t help but to think of Ohio State great Maurice Clarett. One thing that jumps out to me about Harris is there are no false steps when he gets the ball. He finds a crease and then accelerates in an instant.

He has an explosive first step and makes himself small at the line, approaching contact with compact strides and quality pad level. Harris drives through contact and makes you earn the tackle by implementing a powerful stiff-arm and shoulder shrug.

At this point right now, Harris is certified you don’t compile a highlight film of his caliber versus top competition and not be THAT. I’m talking him breaking off huge touchdown runs against the top 10 teams in the country and averaging multiple touchdowns a game versus that same competition. Shout out to this phenom earning his X-Factor badge.   

Name : Kameron Campbell

Position : DE/ATH

Measurables : 6’0”-210 Lbs

Class : 2029

Team : Alphdawgs (NC) 13u

Skinny :

Kameron Campbell is a rising defensive end with tons of potential to be an elite-level athlete at the next level. He is a fast, strong pass-rusher who will only improve with the right tutelage.

Campbell is a physical specimen who can line up as an outside linebacker if necessary. Kam has good size and looks like a high school-ready defensive end in pads. He plays with a mission to get better every play, and he doesn’t back away from a challenge.

Kam plays with a high level of intensity and a high motor. He uses his speed and overall energy to outplay opposing players. Keep an eye on this phenom he has exploded on the scene and earned his praise bullying his opposition.

Name : Jordan Davis

Position : WR

Measurables :

Class : 2029

Team :PTE Bulldogs (NC) 12u

Skinny :

The Primetime Elite Bulldogs have been on now a 2-year run to prove their one of the best teams in the country amongst the 12u age group. During the run athlete Jordan Davis has proved himself to be one of the top receivers in his class. Put Davis anywhere on the field and he’ll find a way to torment opponents. Davis is a fireworks guy in the return game not to mention a polished receiver. He beats opponents with elite effort at key essentials—route running and hands—to provide an indication that his coaching staff can count on him to come up clutch in key situations.

Right now, the key is to get him in space, as Davis can’t be slowed in press coverage either you play into his hands because he is just that skilled. He becomes a major weapon in the screen game and flashes reliable hands along the sideline. Pop on any tape of the Bulldogs ranked matchups and watch this phenom make highlight reels on his opponents with jaw dropping touchdowns putting on for his city. 

Name : Deondre “Draco” Hill

Position : MLB/ATH

Measurables : 6”0”-`180 Lbs

Class : 2028

Team : Oldtown Ducks (MI) 14U

Skinny :

The consensus #1 LB in the class of 2028 they call him “Draco” he’s known for smashing anything in his crosshair. Deondre Hill is a freakish athlete with next level size and athleticism. Hill is a speedy linebacker who has the athleticism to chase down running plays from sideline to sideline. Although he’s on the linebacker scale’s smaller end, he packs a punch with his tackles. He’s also very effective covering backs and tight ends, which should serve on the next level. Hill is a tenacious linebacker who fights through blocks and has great form and technique in making tackles. Hill is one the fastest linebackers, that instincts make him a player with a chance to develop into a multiyear starter on the high school level. The big dog on the yard has earned his X-Factor status.

Name : Nijel Thigpen

Position : OT

Measurables : 6’5”-276 Lbs

Class : 2028

Team : 757 Colts (VA) 14u

Skinny :

The 757 Colts organizations has been a Power 5 factory in the state of Virginia. Nijel Thigpen is next up blessed with d-1 size and skillset to take off, which he has done receiving a couple College offers. Thigpen maneuvers more like a basketball forward than an offensive lineman. His length allows him to gain grips on defensive targets in a hurry, and he consistently drives downfield with authority.

At this stage in Thigpens’ development, he appears far more comfortable rumbling forward than sliding back. Better balance in pass protection will further enhance his range and allow him to hold up strong against speedy pass-rushers. This phenom has been thrust in the fire and responded showing tremendous upside, being baptized under fire and holding his own as arguably the #1 ranked offensive lineman in his class.

 Name : Philmore Woodside

Position : RB

Measurables : 5’6”-165 Lbs

Class : 2029

Team : Miami Gardens Ravens 12u (FL)

Skinny :

I’ve come up with a new nickname for this next X-Factor and that’s the Human Highlight Reel”. 2022 Pharrell Woodside had quite the highlight reel, but some would say his competition was sweet. So, this phenom family pulled the trigger on joining the Legendary Rod Mack’s 12u Miami Garden Ravens. And let’s just say doesn’t matter the competition this kid is just like that. There hasn’t been a game yet that this X-Factor hasn’t made a jaw dropping touchdown run, yeah 0 to 100 real quick. Woodside is arguably the most scintillating athlete on this list, presenting a legitimate scoring threat each time he touches the ball. Woodside is a man-child in terms of his physical stature, his quickness enables him to reach the perimeter before defenders. If he reaches the sideline with a clear lane, there isn’t much a defense can do.

His agility is also special and puts him in position to exploit seams within the defense. You won’t find him dancing around in the backfield when holes are filled. He improvises with authoritative upfield cuts that catch unbalanced defenders off guard and pave the way for big gains. Speed, speed and more speed is what this X-Factor brings to the table, but don’t be fooled into thinking he is simply a finesse runner.  Woodside shows great patience in setting up his blocks and then sticking his foot in the ground and getting upfield in a hurry. He runs with great balance, and he always seems to break free from first contact. Unknown to others before this season, but after his hot start this phenom has earned the attention & praise of those that matter the most as a certified X-Factor. 

Name : Brysen Wright

Position : WR/ATH

Measurables : 6’2”-170 Lbs

Class : 2028

Team : Rarebreed (GA) 12U

Skinny :

New team, new digs, new teammates same results. Brysen Wright has been a primetime player ever since I’ve had the pleasure of watching him dominate as an 8-year-old for St. Augustine. Although B-Fye was a Quarterback then, he is now arguably the top Wide Receiver in his class. B-Fye flashed plenty of versatility during his past two seasons, racking up tons of must see one hand receptions and touchdowns to pick 6’s when he is patrolling the secondary. This phenom is polished and extremely explosive off the snap, his agility allows him to deceive defenders and gain consistent free release into his route. 

His physical measurements pop built perfectly to contribute to a high school team right now, coupled with a high level of athleticism and strength in that frame. Wright managed to make some awfully acrobatic receptions seem effortless during his 2023 Rarebreed introduction to the country and he fought through contact. B-Fye physical frame is already formidable, and he uses it to grapple for positioning in traffic. Wright is a major threat to take it the distance on any play, also contributing as a punt returner, and racks up yards after receptions by bursting through initial tackle attempts. B-Fye has taken the Nation by storm some would say on a bigger stage, but I’d say he been like that the country is just catching up..

Name : Kamari Watson

Position : DE/ ATH

Measurables : 6’1”-205 Lbs

Class : 2029

Team : City Life Raptors

Skinny :

Kamari Watson size alone makes him one to watch, but it’s his desire to get better that makes him attractive to coaches. His wingspan makes him a candidate to swat down multiple pass attempts. He has good footwork and uses his hands well against offensive linemen. Watson is fearless when he steps to the line. He loves the competition of the sport and learns with every play. He has a high motor and plays with a respectable level of intensity.

Watson plays with a desire to be considered among the best. Watson plays the game with a high level of intensity and a sense of pride. He uses solid technique to outplay offensive linemen. He is the kind of player who can shut down an entire side of the field because of his deceptive speed and level of energy.

In addition, Watson is coachable. He understands that he’s going to win some and lose some, but when he loses, he makes it a priority not to make the same mistake twice. Labeled a freak of an athlete this kid upside is thru the roof if he continues to grow there isn’t a recruiting board, he won’t be on stamp his name a certified X-Factor.

Name : Willington Jackson

Position : RB/ATH

Measurables : 5’6”-145 Lbs

Class : 2029

Team : Boynton Beach Bulldogs 12u (FL)

Skinny :

Willington Jackson should be considered the phone booth guy because that’s how hard it is to tackle him in the open field when he hits defenders with his jump cut, he puts them on skates. Versatility. Strength. Speed. These are three of the crucial components for any successful running back, all of which Jackson has. His versatility allows him to be productive lined up both in the backfield and in the slot. His catching ability allows the 50 Boyz to be able to open up the playbook with him in the game.

Strength is key for all running backs; Jackson can deliver a blow on any given play. His low center of gravity and powerful lower body enable him to break arm tackles with ease and be physical in the trenches. Speed is an added benefit with elite running backs, but it is lethal coming out of the slot. Combined with his patience, Jackson’s speed and shiftiness allows him to swiftly move down the field and turn a five-yard rush into a 50-yard gain in the flick of an eye. With a quick burst between the tackles or getting the ball on the perimeter with a jet sweep or swing pass, he can stretch a defense as well or better than any back in his class.

Jackson strength and speed pop out as his two best qualities. He can out-muscle and out-run a defense and get downfield in a hurry, which makes him a well-rounded tailback. So far this season Jackson has put the country on notice don’t start a running-back list without starting it with him first his track record speaks for itself.

Name : Gregory “Doodie” Florence

Position : RB/ATH

Measurables : 5’8’-160 Lbs

Class : 2029

Team : South Miami Greyghost (FL)

Skinny :

Gregory Florence has three attributes that make him lethal on the football field: vision, superb power and breakaway speed. There were many instances during the time I’ve witnessed Florence plowing through defenders at the line of scrimmage. It is clear that Florence isn’t afraid to go toe-to-toe with defenders, and he usually succeeds. Florence is also capable of exploding through tight pockets of defenders near the line of scrimmage and, once he gets past them all, he is extremely hard to catch. Incredibly dangerous in the open field once he hits the 2nd level elusive with a mean stiff-arm Florence gives defenders crazy work.

This X-Factor already holds two power 5 offers from the University of Miami & Ole Miss which should tell you how high his ceiling is. Florence puts up prolific numbers with highlight reels that shows how easy the game comes to him. While some may feel he needs to play tougher competition you can tell by his attitude, physical attributes & mental make-up anybody can get it. An intensely aggressive rushing style should prove quite endearing to High Schools hoping to add this phenom. Florence is a true closer, capping off rushing attempts with a violent burst and putting games away late by moving the chains with authority.

At his best in a one-cut-and-go setting, Florence commands respect from opponents inside and along the edge. Though he is considered one of the true burners in this class and who can wiggle away from contact on a regular basis, his straight-line acceleration must be accounted for by defenders.

Florence seems to gain energy as a game advances deeper toward the final horn, helping an offensive attack stay afloat during make-or-break moments that ultimately determine the outcome of matchups. Already tabbed as the total package from the most fertile recruiting area in the country remember the name because he’s up next. 

Name : Kiyan Callis

Position :WR

Measurables : 5’6”-135 Lbs

Class : 2029

Team : OG Ducks (CA)

Skinny :

Kiyan Callis brings a dynamic blend of speed and agility that makes him extremely dangerous regardless of where he ends up with the ball. His route-running requires further polish, but he already shows the ability to make acrobatic midair adjustments and has caught 19 passes for 270 yards and 5 touchdowns in 4 games the this season.

Callis has great footwork. In his film there were times when the cornerback would begin to jam him at the line of scrimmage, but Callis used a quick head fake and stutter step to get past his defender. This quality is nice to have, especially on the West Coast where speed alone will not get the job done. Callis also has the ability to take a short pass and turn it into a big play. Once he gets his stride going, he is a hard man to take down. Watching Callis growth from last year he continues to raise his level of play each year, at this rate you will continue to see his name at the top of wide receivers rankings.

Name : Thor Palimod

Position : OL/DL

Measurables : 6’2”-260 Lbs

Class : 2029

Team : Team Oahu (HI)

Skinny :

Thor Palimod massive size makes him a formidable blocker. At 6-foot-2 and 260 pounds, Palimod is big enough to go toe-to-toe with high school level defensive players. For his size, Palimod is incredibly quick. On pulls, he can move down the line of scrimmage in plenty of time to make his block, and he can get ahead of the ball carrier to block in the second level.

Although his technique needs some work, Palimod checks all the boxes in the natural skills department. His size and athleticism are exactly what is needed for a potential 5-star-caliber offensive lineman. Palimod has the potential to make an immediate impact on the next level, as he possesses the ability to create huge holes and sustain crucial blocks for his teams’ running backs. Aloha Hospitality Thor reigned supreme as the best lineman versus National power TME the nasty streak and chip on his shoulder he played with was the difference.  His versatility extended to the defensive side of the ball where he also flashes so much potential. The Polynesian culture produces driven talented dedicated technically & fundamentally sound football players and Thor empathizes that. Shout out to Hawaii’s dominate X-Factor.  

Name : Amari Oliver

Position : LB/ATH

Measurables : 5’6”- 178 Lbs

Class : 2029

Team : Brooklyn Chiefs (NY)

Skinny :

Simply put, Amari Oliver is a defensive highlight factory. He is the type of linebacker that truly can play from sideline to sideline. Though his power and reliability as a tackler make him formidable, it is his closing speed that really makes him dangerous, and he uses it to consistently make tough plays in the open field. Often times he’ll simply beat blockers at the point of attack and work his way through into the backfield to make big-time stops. He has shown a real adeptness at diagnosing running lanes once the ball is snapped, and is naturally an exceptional run defender. Oliver’s football speed also makes him an effective blitzing option in passing situations, with the potential to even double as a pass-rusher at the high school level. Incredibly athletic, and at times downright explosive. His acceleration and ability to wrap up in the open field make him someone to account for on special teams as well, especially on kickoff coverage. Oliver natural gifts are easy to see on the field. He hits like a mac truck with the playing speed to rival any other linebacker in his class. While Oliver is a beast defensively, he is also a nice running back who runs like he plays linebacker which is to dish out punishment. This New York native is checking in as an X-factor in a basketball state because that region has producing some standout ballers to. 

Name : Jason Hargrove

Position : ATH

Measurables : 5’11”-205 Lbs

Class : 2028

Team : Team Thunderbird

Skinny :

Jason Hargrove is a freakish athlete who plays both running back and linebacker at a high level. Judging by his dominance so far this season Hargrove seem to have a desire to play running back this year, and at 205 on the youth level, he moves like a back who weighs 175. He’s a load to bring down and is faster than one would expect a back his size to be. Wherever he ends up, Hargrove has the tools and size to be a dominant force on either side of the ball.

Hargrove is a power back who can add another element to his team offense.  Hargrove may not be renowned for his speed, but he has the ability to shed initial tackles and make room for himself. Hargrove is also able to break through open field tacklers who he meets in one-on-one situations. Along with his power, Hargrove is very shifty when he gets open space and has great cutback ability. Hargrove is able to use his cutback to steer clear of defenders in the secondary. Hargrove has a strong physical build at almost six feet tall and 200 pounds, which allows him to fight through large crowds of defenders and drive a pile to get extra yardage. While he is evolving offensively this versatile phenom is naturally a defensive menace which adds more value to his overall X-Factor stock.

Name : Kymani Bridge

Position : DB

Measurables : 5’10”-140 Lbs

Class : 2029

Team : City Life Raptors (MD)

Skinny :

Kymani Bridge isn’t that timid DB scared of contact, he is a sure tackler with a lot of length. He has shown success in shedding blocks and stopping the screens and the run with strong tackles, as well as finding the ball on long passes for interceptions. He is versatile and would likely be able to play other defensive positions such as safety in addition to cornerback, which he did in exclusively last year. However, cornerback is going to be his main position. 

Bridge is a physical defensive back with a high ceiling. He has good vision and uses his quickness to make plays at the right time. Bridge plays with range and can quickly make a play downhill.

Bridge plays well in man coverage. He is aggressive on the field and while lining up in one-on-one settings. He does a lot of things well on the field, and with the right coaching, he has the potential to become a 5-star defensive back. This X-Factors biggest attribute is his competitive nature to always cover his opponent’s top receiver. Just know this phenom has his own island and takes away one side of the field he is that good. 

Name : Derrick Jackson

Position : ATH/RB

Measurables : 5’11”-180 Lbs

Class : 2028

Team : OG Ducks (CA)

Skinny :

Derrick Jackson is equipped with enough speed to challenge defenses deep or beat defenders to the edge, he’s a scoring threat any time the ball finds him.

He doesn’t need space to maneuver, as he’s able to make opponents whiff with regularity and split secondaries. His ability to dodge defenders also shines off the snap in a receiver role, so expect him to challenge for a variety of roles in any spread attack he plays in on the high school level. 

Another trait that he possesses is elusiveness. He can make defenders miss from all directions, and can shed what would normally be a solid tackle. Defenders have to wrap him up and drag him down, because if they just simply hit him, Jackson will catch his balance and keep on running. His tendency seems to be getting to the outside and breaking down the field. Once he crosses the line of scrimmage and bolts past the defensive linemen and linebackers, it is nearly a guarantee that he will find the end zone. 

A physical specimen with freakish athleticism has been on a tear since he exploded on the scene 2022. This phenom has that IT factor, I mean how else can you gain the X-factor label…

Name : Dexter “Big Dex” Morgan

Position : DT


Class : 2031

Team : Miami Gardens Ravens (FL)

Skinny :

One key component that Dexter Morgan possesses is his height. He towers over his peers in the 10u age group, which helps him tremendously on the defensive line. This helps “Big Dex” peer over the offensive line and scope out what play is occurring and make adjustments accordingly. It even helps him knock away some pass attempts. One thing that really stands out while watching “Big Dex” go to work is his ability to penetrate and push through the offensive line. There were many instances in preseason where Morgan trampled over offensive linemen to sack the quarterback or tackle the ball carrier in the backfield. Morgan is versatile, too: he has been raved about as a lineman for either side of the ball, so he could play in a variety of roles on the team. However, Morgan’s abilities allow the Ravens to use him as a nose tackle, because his size and explosive 1st step allow him to fill gaps on the interior of the defensive line.

“Big Dex” is a strong lineman who uses his pad level to his advantage. He has great hands, and with his motor, he always seems to be around the football.

“Big Dex” plays with a fire that has fit well with what the Ravens are doing. He’s a versatile defender who can still play defensive end if necessary. Morgan is fueled by his footwork, quickness off the snap and an overall will to get better. A dominate force that gets it done on the field and in the classroom, this phenom got a chance to play with his age group and has been a unblockable force with a point to prove. This X-Factor has been pound for pound the most dominate defensive player in the country 2023 the film don’t lie.  

Name : Demetrius Ingram

Position : WR/DB


Class : 2028

Team : Gwen Cherry Bulls (FL)

Skinny :

Demetrius Ingram has a strong first step off the line of scrimmage. Having a quick first step off the line allows him to get deep into the secondary early on in each play. He can make a sharp cut on a route and break it deep, or throw a powerful block on the corner or safety in the running game. Getting off the line quickly and without hesitation is a key for receivers to create separation on their route. 

His soft hands have stood out all season as another strong attribute. Ingram is able to snag the ball away from his body, which is critical for making catches in tight coverage. He has the hand strength to take a hit and still come down with the ball, which he has done in two of the Bulls biggest games he has shine the brightest reaching the endzone a total 3 times. Ingram also gets it in defensively and has come up big making him one of top two-way athletes in his region. Ingram is a rangy type of safety who can cover a lot of ground in short order. His background as a receiver is evident in the way he goes after balls when he’s in coverage which was on full display in their biggest game, Ingram snagged two picks. He’s great at high-pointing the ball and attacking the ball when matched up in one-on-one situations. Ingram has really stepped his game up for the 2023 season and he isn’t taking any prisoners, just going out and proving he the best on the biggest stage earning his X-Factor stamp.