2023 Youth Football X-Factor Report Volume 2

November 3, 2023

2023 Youth Football X-Factor Report Volume 2

Name : Santana Williams

Position : RB

Measurables : 5’7”-176 Lbs

Class : 2028

Team : Maryland Heat 12u

 Skinny :

In the heart of the Maryland Heat 13u backfield, a young football prodigy by the name of Santana Williams has been capturing the hearts of fans and striking fear into defenders all around the nation. The Class of 2028 running back has not only hit a growth spurt coming into the 2023 season, but he’s also raised the bar on his work ethic, setting the stage for his meteoric rise in the football world.

 *A Force to Be Reckoned With*

Standing taller and stronger than ever, Santana Williams brings a relentless work ethic to the gridiron, and the results are nothing short of extraordinary. Williams, known for his punishing style, runs through and around defenders with an unmatched determination. He plays with an attitude that is nothing short of electrifying, and he relentlessly seeks out contact, leaving would-be tacklers in his wake. But what truly sets Williams apart is his versatility. Don’t mistake his power for a lack of finesse. This young phenom possesses the agility and speed to leave defenders grasping at thin air. When he decides to go around you, he does so with an elegance that’s almost poetic. The ability to both bulldoze through defenders and gracefully glide past them makes Santana Williams a multifaceted threat on the field.

*A Future Brighter Than Ever*

With these skills and attributes, Santana Williams is more than just a standout in the Maryland Heat 13u lineup; he’s a player who has the potential to make a lasting impact on the sport. In fact, his performance and promise have already caught the attention of high school scouts and coaches from all around the region.

Santana Williams is not just good; he’s exceptional. His combination of power, agility, and work ethic is rare and promising, making him a highly sought-after prospect for top high schools in the area. As he continues to evolve and refine his skills, there’s no doubt that Santana Williams has a bright future ahead in the world of football, and we can’t wait to see where his journey takes him.


Name : Eric McFarland

Position : WR/ATH

Measurables : 5’9”-160 lbs

Class : 2028

Team : Vegas Strong (NV)

 Skinny :

When it comes to the country’s top 8th-grade playmakers, the name that immediately comes to mind is Eric McFarland. This young talent burst onto the youth football scene as a dominating running back three years ago, but he quickly realized his true calling was on the perimeter as a wide receiver.

Eric McFarland is blessed with sizzling speed that leaves defenders in the dust and the remarkable ability to turn short catches into electrifying touchdowns, showcasing his elusive and dynamic playmaking skills. He is the kind of player who takes the top off of defenses with every snap and keeps opposing teams on edge with his game-changing presence.

But Eric’s talents extend beyond his remarkable abilities as a receiver. He’s also a dangerous return specialist, the kind of player that opposing teams dread punting or kicking the ball to. With each return, he has the potential to turn the game in his team’s favor and make the stands erupt with excitement.

What sets Eric McFarland apart is not just his speed and agility but his physical prowess. He’s a true physical specimen, a man amongst boys on the football field. This advantage allows him to rack up crazy stats that astound spectators and leave his competitors in awe.

Eric McFarland is more than just a youth football player; he’s a rising star who has already left an indelible mark on the game. As he continues to develop his skills and grow as an athlete, there’s no doubt that we’ll be hearing his name on the national stage in the years to come. Keep an eye on Eric McFarland, a playmaker who is destined for greatness in the world of football.

Name :Se’Maj Flowers

Position : WR

Measurables : 5’4”-135 Lbs

Class : 2028

Team : Ppo Bengals

 Skinny :

The Top Tier Bengals have found their own version of legendary return specialist Devin Hester, and his name is Se’maj Flowers. This Class of 2028 phenom is making waves in the world of youth football as a Wide Receiver with talents that are truly electrifying.

*Speed Demon:*

 Se’maj Flowers is renowned for his exceptional speed, making him one of the quickest and fastest young talents in the country. His ability to burst down the field is nothing short of spectacular.

*Magician with the Ball:*

 With the ball in his hands, Se’maj Flowers becomes a magician. Whether it’s wide receiver screens, quick slants, or jet sweeps, he consistently leaves defenders in the dust, and his next move is always a mystery to his opponents. *Walking Touchdown:*

Se’maj Flowers is a walking touchdown waiting to happen. Despite not being the biggest guy on the field, he’s a big-time X-Factor who consistently finds the end zone and leaves spectators in awe.

*Special Teams Dynamo:*

 Flowers isn’t just a star on offense; he showcases his remarkable attributes on special teams too. Defenders hold their breath when he’s returning punts or kicks, as his speed and elusiveness make him a constant threat to take it all the way to the end zone.

Don’t Miss Out:

 If you’re a fan of youth football or simply appreciate incredible talent, don’t miss the chance to witness Se’maj Flowers in action. He’s undoubtedly worth the price of admission and promises an unforgettable show on the field. Keep an eye on this rising star as he continues to make waves in the world of football.

Name : Casey Barner

Position : ATH

Measurables : 5’11”-165 Lbs

Class : 2028

Team : Rare Raiders (GA) 13U       

 Skinny :

In the heart of Atlanta, Georgia, the Rare Raiders 13u team boasts one of the most promising young athletes in the class of 2028: Casey Barner. Standing tall at 5’11” and weighing 165 pounds, Casey Barner is a true freak of an athlete, whether he lines up as a quarterback or running back. Barner’s ability to excel on the field is nothing short of awe-inspiring, and his smooth playmaking skills make him a game-changer every time he touches the ball. What sets Casey Barner apart is his remarkable versatility, a trait that leaves both opponents and onlookers in awe. Defensively, he shines like a 5-star prospect, with an uncanny ability to close in on the ball and control the secondary. Barner’s presence on the field is akin to a heat-seeking missile as he fearlessly punishes ball carriers with his aggressive tackles.

But what truly makes Casey Barner a standout player is his unique ability to contribute on both sides of the ball. His versatility is a gift that any team would be lucky to have. Offensively and defensively, he carries his team with a level of skill and determination that one would expect from a future 5-star prospect.

Casey Barner is not just a youth football player; he is a force to be reckoned with. His dedication to the game and his extraordinary talent make him a player to watch as he continues his journey in the world of football. Keep your eyes on this young athlete, as he is undoubtedly a rising star in the making, representing Atlanta, Georgia, with pride. 

Name : Demarcus VanDyke Jr.

Position : DB

Measurables : 5’10”-128 Lbs

Class : 2029

Team : Miami Gardens Ravens 12U (FL)

 Skinny :

In the world of youth football, a new shining star has emerged, and that’s the Miami Gardens Ravens DB Demarcus VanDyke Jr. If you’re a fan of the game, you might recognize the name – he’s the son of the former University of Miami and Oakland Raiders standout DB, Demarcus VanDyke. But don’t be mistaken; this young talent is on a mission to create his own legacy, and he’s doing it with a quiet and mild-mannered demeanor.

Demarcus VanDyke Jr. may not have reached the same lightning-fast speeds as his father just yet, but he’s undeniably quick. What sets this young cornerback prospect apart is his impressive football IQ. He’s tall, rangy, and knows exactly how to make the most of his physical attributes.

At such a young age, he’s displaying all the qualities of a 5-star defensive back. Whether it’s his physicality in press coverage or his prowess in zone defense, VanDyke Jr. has a natural ability to play the ball and effectively shut down his side of the field. With his size and athleticism, he’s poised to become one of the top defensive backs in his class, if not the absolute best.

Demarcus VanDyke Jr. is a name you’ll want to remember because he’s destined to make a big impact in the world of football. Watch out for this young phenom as he continues to shine on the gridiron, creating a legacy that’s uniquely his own.


Name : Julian “JU” Taylor

Position : RB

Measurables : 5’7”-180 Lbs

Class : 2028

Team : Southfield Falcons (MI)

 Skinny :

In the heart of Detroit, Michigan, the Southfield Falcons program has consistently churned out some of the nation’s most promising football talents. Among them, the Class of 2028 running back, Julian “Ju” Taylor, is emerging as the next football phenom.

Ju Taylor is a formidable force on the field, a finely tuned athlete who leaves defenders in his wake. His signature move? The punishing stiff arm, a weapon he wields with precision and power to put would-be tacklers on notice. As a running back, he possesses the complete package – lightning-quick feet, the patience to set up his blocks, and the speed to burst through holes with elite vision.

A true touchdown machine, Ju Taylor is the definition of an all-around back. He’s not only a scoring threat but also an invaluable asset in pass protection and as a reliable receiver out of the backfield. Defenses tremble at the thought of facing the Southfield Falcons’ 13u team, knowing that Ju Taylor is a relentless force they can’t afford to underestimate.

Julian “Ju” Taylor is the embodiment of a rising star in youth football, and his journey from Detroit’s Southfield Falcons is one that’s bound to leave a lasting impact on the sport. Keep an eye out for this young talent as he continues to make waves in the world of football.

Name : Ryan Peterson

Position : MLB

Measurables : 5’11”-208 Lbs 

Class :2029

Team : Rarebreeds (GA) 12U

 Skinny :

In these youth football settings, there’s a name that’s been making waves, striking fear into the hearts of opposing offenses, and capturing the attention of fans and scouts alike. Meet Ryan Peterson, the #1 LB in his class for the last 3 years, he is the formidable Middle Linebacker of the RareBreed 12U football team. With a record of back-to-back YNC National Championships, this team has truly taken the country by storm, and at its core stands a rare talent – Ryan Peterson.

They say that defense wins championships, and RareBreed 12U has undoubtedly lived up to that mantra. Their slogan, “Rare of the Rarest,” aptly describes the remarkable level of play they bring to the field, particularly on the defensive side. The linchpin of this defensive powerhouse is none other than Ryan Peterson, standing at 5’11” and weighing in at 208 lbs. What sets Ryan apart is not just his physical prowess, but also his deep understanding of the game. He’s not just a player; he’s a student of the game. Ryan has a remarkable ability to dissect plays, read the field, and instinctively hunt down ball carriers. This football IQ, combined with his physicality, makes him a force to be reckoned with.

One of the most striking attributes of Ryan Peterson is his physicality. He can shed blocks with ease, and his speed allows him to chase down plays from sideline to sideline. When he’s on the field, you can’t help but notice his presence. He’s the heart and soul of his team, leading the charge and punishing opponents to the point where they hear his footsteps, even if he’s not directly involved in the play.

Ryan’s talent on the football field has not gone unnoticed. He’s already on the radar of high schools in his area, and it’s no surprise. With two consecutive national championships under his belt, it’s clear that this young athlete has a bright future ahead. The sky’s the limit for Ryan Peterson, and he’s a name you’ll want to remember as he continues to shine in the world of football.


Name : Kaleb Gatlin

Position : DB 

Measurables : 5’6″-130 Lbs

Class : 2030

Team : IB Braves (CA) 12U

 Skinny :

Budding talents often shine brightly, one name that stands out among the crowd is Kaleb Gatlin. Representing the California IB Braves 11u, this young athlete is making waves as a top-class 2030 defensive back with a bright future ahead.

Gatlin’s recent performance against the formidable Lambo, the #1 ranked team hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, proved his mettle as a rising star in the making. Facing a challenging opponent only fueled his determination to elevate his game. In a remarkable display of skill and athleticism, Gatlin intercepted two passes, showcasing his elite instincts and lightning-fast closing speed.

What sets Kaleb Gatlin apart from the rest is not just his talent but his physical attributes. At such a young age, he possesses the build of a top-tier defensive back, complete with an impressive wingspan that he masterfully employs to frustrate opposing receivers, throwing them off their game and making catches nearly impossible.

Gatlin’s fluid hip movement is another invaluable asset in his arsenal, enabling him to change direction seamlessly and execute game-changing plays. His ability to read the field and react swiftly makes him a formidable force on the defensive end of the game.

In the world of youth football, an X-factor is essential, and Kaleb Gatlin embodies it perfectly. He exemplifies the belief that big-time players make big-time plays in big-time games, and he is undoubtedly a young talent to watch. Keep an eye on Kaleb Gatlin as he continues to write his story in the world of football, one incredible play at a time.

Name : Omari Hogan

Position : DL

Measurables : 6’0”-171

Class : 2028

Team : St.Louis Elite (MO) 13U

 Skinny :

In the competitive world of youth football, one name has been making waves and striking fear into opposing teams’ offenses – Omari Hogan. At just 8th grade, this young athlete from the St. Louis Elite 13U team has proven to be a defensive powerhouse from his position as a defensive end.

When it comes to high-stakes matchups against top-ranked teams like RDDC and West Orlando Jags, Omari Hogan has consistently demonstrated his prowess. He’s a relentless force in the backfield, where he has amassed an impressive collection of tackles for losses and delivered unrelenting pressure that has often resulted in crucial sacks.

One of Hogan’s standout attributes is his mastery of hand techniques and a deep arsenal of tricks to disrupt plays and disrupt the offensive flow. His ability to read and react to the game is beyond his years, and it’s evident that he’s already developed a football IQ that is far superior to his age.

Standing at an impressive size, Omari Hogan not only dominates his peers but also shows promise for a seamless transition to the high school level. Moreover, it’s safe to assume that he will continue to grow both physically and skill-wise, making his future prospects even more exciting.

Opposing teams have quickly learned that they must dedicate extra protection to Hogan’s side, or they’ll face a long and challenging day battling against his relentless pass-rushing and run-stopping abilities. With Omari Hogan on the field, the St. Louis Elite 13U team can count on a formidable defensive presence that can disrupt the best-laid offensive plans.

As he continues to hone his skills and grow as a player, the future is undoubtedly bright for Omari Hogan. Keep an eye on this young defensive prodigy, as he’s set to leave a lasting impact on the world of football.

Name : Aiden Johnson

Position : DE/LB

Measurables : 6’3”-171 Lbs

Class : 2028

Team : Lauderdale Lakes (FL) 13U

 Skinny :

The Unseen Defensive Gem of Lauderdale Lakes 13U In the realm of youth football, Lauderdale Lakes 13U, also known as TMT, boasts an intimidating defense, but hidden within their ranks is a true game-changer, Aiden Johnson. Standing tall at 6’3″ and weighing in at 171 pounds, Aiden is a versatile hybrid defensive end and outside linebacker, and he’s the country’s best-kept secret in the making.

What sets Aiden apart is his awe-inspiring athleticism, a quality that promises a ceiling that soars beyond the skies. When he’s on the field, he becomes a nightmare for quarterbacks, disrupting passing lanes with his impressive wingspan. Aiden’s highlight reel even includes an interception that he nabbed with a single hand, leaving spectators in sheer amazement.

But Aiden’s talents extend beyond his knack for interceptions. His elite first step has left countless opposing quarterbacks in the dirt, racking up numerous sacks in the process. On the ground, he’s equally relentless, tossing running backs around like ragdolls, effectively setting up camp in the backfield.

What truly sets Aiden apart is his exceptional versatility. He’s skilled enough to drop into coverage, a testament to his remarkable athleticism. It’s no exaggeration to say that this young player possesses 5-star potential, and he comes from a family with a strong football lineage, as the younger brother of two exceptionally talented football players.

Aiden Johnson is not only a standout in the world of youth football but also a player who easily passes the eye test. Private schools are already lining up to bring in this 2028 phenom, recognizing the immense talent and potential he brings to the table. It’s clear that Aiden Johnson is destined for greatness, and the world of football will be watching his rise with bated breath.



Name : Jayce Smith

Position : LB

Measurables : 5’0”-110 Lbs

Class : 2031

Team : Gainesville United (FL) 10U

 Skinny :

The Rising Star of Gainesville United 10U Youth Football” Gainesville United 10U has found a gem in Jayce Smith, a standout Middle linebacker in the Class of 2031. Born to play defense and lead his team from the linebacker position, Jayce’s football prowess is undeniable. His ability to quickly recognize plays and deliver punishing tackles makes him a force to be reckoned with on the field.

Jayce Smith is a tackling machine, averaging an impressive 10+ tackles per game. He has a natural talent for causing turnovers, whether it’s through a bone-crushing hit or a skillful ball strip. His dedication to the game and determination to excel are evident every time he steps on the field.

With his exceptional skills and a strong work ethic, Jayce Smith is well on his way to the top of the youth football ranks. Keep an eye on this rising star as he continues to grow and dominate the field for Gainesville United 10U.


Name : Jamourie Bollin

Position : WR/ATH

Measurables : 5’6”-130Lbs

Class : 2030

Team : Bullit Academy (TX)

 Skinny :

The Rising Star of Texas Youth Football” In the Lone Star State, where football is a way of life, there’s a name that’s creating ripples of excitement – Jamourie Bollin. This 11-year-old dynamo, representing Bullit Academy 11u, is not just any youth football player; he’s the #1 Athlete/Wide Receiver in the state of Texas. Bollin is a true testament to the term ‘total package,’ boasting a combination of size, speed, and game-changing abilities that make him a must-watch talent in the world of youth football.

Standing at 5’6″ and packing incredible speed, Bollin is a terror after the catch. His X-factor is something to behold, as he has the innate ability to carry his team with his big-play potential. Whether it’s catching a bomb down the field or turning a short pass into a highlight-reel run, Bollin knows how to make an impact.

What sets Jamourie Bollin apart from the rest is his remarkable versatility. He puts up godly numbers, consistently leaving defenders baffled with his sheer length and strength. No coverage scheme seems to faze him, and his get-off and catch extension are advanced far beyond his years. This young athlete has a keen understanding of the game, which is evident in the precision of his routes.

But it’s not just about speed and precision; Bollin’s powerful frame allows him to plow through halfhearted tackling attempts, sending him into the second level with unstoppable momentum. He’s a force to be reckoned with, and his opponents know it.

What’s even more astonishing is that Jamourie Bollin hasn’t tapped into his full potential yet. His future in the world of football is bound to be nothing short of extraordinary. He’s already setting the bar at his age, and the journey ahead promises to be a thrilling one. As we watch this young phenom rise, one thing is certain – Jamourie Bollin is a name that will be etched in the annals of Texas football history. So, make sure you keep an eye on this rising star because his journey is just beginning, and the sky’s the limit.

Name : Princewill Njoku

Position : WR


Class : 2031

Team : DEA (TX) 10U

 Skinny :

In the competitive world on the National scene in youth football, the DEA organization has always been a breeding ground for exceptional talent. Among their ranks, the 10-year-old sensation, Princewill Njoku, has taken the football scene by storm. This young athlete, who excels in two sports, is making waves as a wide receiver on the gridiron.

Princewill Njoku’s journey in youth football has been nothing short of remarkable. At such a tender age, he has already displayed a level of skill and finesse that sets him apart from his peers. One of his standout qualities is his advanced ability in running precise routes, a skill that even some older players struggle to master. But what truly sets Njoku apart is his remarkable talent for out-jumping defenders on those high-pressure 50/50 balls.

In a sport where every inch matters, Njoku’s ability to soar above his competition is nothing short of breathtaking. He has a natural gift for timing his jumps to perfection, often coming down with receptions that leave spectators in awe.

Princewill Njoku is on a path to greatness, and he has set his sights on becoming the top wide receiver of the Class of 2031. With his remarkable talent and a growing list of receiving touchdowns, he’s already well on his way. Njoku is not a finished product; he’s a young athlete with immense potential, and his journey has only just begun.

As the football world eagerly awaits the next chapters in Princewill Njoku’s promising career, one thing is for certain: this young phenom is a rising star who has the potential to leave an indelible mark on the sport. Watch out for Princewill Njoku as he continues his inspiring journey in the world of youth football.


Name : Chrys Black

Position : ATH

Measurables : 5’7”-160 Lbs

Class : 2028

Team : Ginn Elite (OH)

 Skinny :

Talent and promise are often discovered early, and one name that’s been making waves is Chrys Black. Ginn Elite 14u scored big when they landed this young playmaker, who’s quickly establishing himself as one of the most lethal athletes in the class of 2028.

Before 2023, Chrys Black showcased an elite skill set as a safety, where he patrolled the field with a hawk-like eye for coverage, making it nearly impossible for passes to find their mark deep downfield. However, since joining Ginn Elite, Black has seamlessly transitioned to the cornerback position, becoming a lockdown force on his side of the field.

Black isn’t just about stopping the opposition; he’s a true Blackhawk on the field, delivering sure tackles and demonstrating top-notch footwork. His loose hips and cat-like quickness when changing directions have made him a formidable force in batting down passes and creating defensive havoc.

But don’t be fooled into thinking Black’s talents are confined to defense alone. When the ball is in his hands, whether as a running back or slot receiver, he shows an insatiable hunger for making big plays, making defenders’ lives miserable. With every snap, Black continues to solidify his reputation as an elite prospect.

Chrys Black is a name to remember in the world of youth football, and his journey is one that football fans and scouts alike will be eagerly following as he rises through the ranks. Ginn Elite 14u has a true gem in this young athlete, and the future looks incredibly bright for Chrys Black.