RNR Top 100 Prospect Report Card : Michael Frye

November 15, 2023

Name: Micheal Frye

Position : OL/DL

Class : 2031

Team : WV Mounty Boyz (WV)


Skinny :

Unveiling the Rising Star: Michael Frye, Class of 2031 Offensive and Defensive Lineman for the West Virginia Mounty Boyz

Meet Michael Frye, a formidable force on the football field, proudly representing the West Virginia Mounty Boyz as a Class of 2031 Offensive and Defensive Lineman. Known for his tenacity, Michael is a player who truly enjoys mixing it up on both ends of the line.

Technically and fundamentally sound, Michael’s prowess is evident in his quick off-the-ball movements and remarkable strength. Whether protecting the quarterback or plugging holes defensively, this young athlete showcases a remarkable skill set that keeps opponents on their toes.

Frye’s affinity for collecting “pancakes” on the offensive line and disrupting plays defensively has become a trademark of his playing style. While he may not be the finished product just yet, Michael Frye’s potential and upside are undeniable, making him a rising star to watch in the world of youth football.

As he continues to hone his skills and grow as a player, Michael Frye promises to be a name that resonates in the football community. Keep an eye on this young and promising talent as he blazes a trail on the gridiron, leaving a mark with every powerful play.