RNR Top 100 Prospect Report Card :

November 15, 2023

Name: Carter Mohammed

Position : QB-PP

Class : 2032

Team : Delray Rocks (FL) 8U


Skinny :

In the heart of the youth football scene, an emerging star is making noise on the baby ball level– Carter Mohammed, the Class of 2032 quarterback for the Delray Rocks 8u team. While most players in his age group are lead by their running ability, Carter stands out as a field general, showcasing an advanced skill set that defies expectations.

At just 8 years old, Carter has mastered the art of precision passing, delivering lasers and impressive deep balls to his receivers. His ability to lead the Delray Rocks with a potent passing game sets his team apart from the competition. In an age where running dominates, Carter’s proficiency in aerial attacks gives his squad a strategic advantage that’s hard to counter.

Carter’s dedication to refining his quarterback skills at such a young age speaks volumes about his passion for the game. His throws are not only accurate but also demonstrate a football IQ beyond his years. Coaches and spectators alike marvel at his ability to be poised enough to execute and find open receivers, traits that are often associated with more seasoned players.

The impact of Carter Mohammed extends beyond his individual achievements – he’s reshaping the landscape of youth football. As a trailblazer for the passing game in the 8u category, Carter inspires his teammates to elevate their performance and challenges opponents to adapt to a multifaceted offensive strategy.

As the spotlight shines on this young quarterback, one can’t help but wonder about the future of football and the potential for more players like Carter Mohammed to redefine the game at its grassroots level. For now, the Delray Rocks 8u team can count on their exceptional quarterback to lead the charge and set a standard for excellence in youth football.