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RNR TOP100 Overview |

RNR Top100 is the Nation’s #1 Youth Football Scouting Service owned and operated by RNR Sports Media

RNR TOP100 Scouting Committee | President Allan “Coach Katt” Thomas , Vice President |Ty Timmons, National Scouting Director | Darrien Green of the Seal Sports, and Atlantic Region Director | Isaiah Fleming of 302 Elite Athletes, and Wayne “The Voyce” Matthews of the Voice Sports Reporters.


   The College Recruiting process happens extremely fast and if an athlete isn’t discovered in their first 3 years of Highschool, it’s extremely hard to be signed to a D1 on Signing Day. Most athletes lack the exposure and knowledge to effectively get scouted. Our goal is to help athletes get prepared and give them early exposure in efforts to build a foundation for their College recruitment process.

   Unlike Highschool football and College, Youth Football doesn’t have a national Database of verified athletes and stats. Even if we did have stats, the numbers would be skewed because the level of play across the nation isn’t the same. So we’ve had to create one that is not just based on opinion of film but helped guided by combine testing and in person evaluation.

RNR TOP100 RANKINGS and What’s NEW |

   In past years, “the list” was age based and only considered the current year’s production and ability solely. In which we rebuilt a brand new list every year. 

     We’ve now changed the format to grade base which is a prospecting format instead of a superlative. This format makes it easier to organize info to send college scouts and other exposure opportunities information of the TOP middle school athletes in the Nation. Prospecting will also allow every athlete and parent to put into perspective who they will be competing against for a scholarship, earlier than later. The database will be growing from year to year instead of rebuilding it every year. You will not be the same Rating nor ranking every year because the talent pool gets deeper every year. Thus, every year you must raise your level of play.

How to get evaluated

RNRTOP Submission link

    Star ratings are determined by film and/or in person evaluation by an RNR TOP100 Certified Scout. The bases of the rating is determined by your athletes physical ability then adjusted inconsideration to an athletes Rukkus Rating, Size, and level of competition. Our Combine Series serves as an opportunity for those athletes we may not have seen during the season to be discovered, evaluated and ranked. It also allows athletes to be evaluated in an unbiased environment without the interference of coaching scheme, playing time or “Daddy ball”.


    Database is built of the athletes that have submitted a nomination form and/or RNR Verified (athletes that have been tested at our combines). It’s extremely hard to gage what class an athlete is classified without the form submitted. The form also has questions that only your athlete can answer. 

How to get RNR Verified

   Athletes who have attended our combines are deemed verified because these athletes were evaluated in person and have earned a Rukkus Rating score. This score is a cummulative score of their Verified Combine performances. We’ve developed the Rukkus Rating score to help distinguish the difference between athletes of the same position within a particular Star rating. For example, if i have two 4-star CB the higher verified number will get the nod over the other or unverified athlete.  

    Again this is a system that is put in place to celebrate and motivate the athletes across the nation. Thank you to all those who have supported the movement over the years. We only have aimed to manifest something we wish we had as children. Again thank you to all.


RUKKUS Combine Rankings are completely based on the RUKKUS Rating score earned at the RNRTOP100 Combine at TOPDAWG. Rukkus Rating scores are determined by each athletes performance in all 3 combine testing events (40 yard dash, Shuttle, and the Broad jump.) Each performance is calculated and listed at the end of the combine series. Must attend the an RNRTop100 Combine to be considered. The combine is where we collect the majority of our Watchlist.

RNRTop100 Youth Football Rankings are based off of Combine and this years in game performances. Each athlete is evaluated by our RNRTOP100 Committee and rated 1-5 stars. 

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