14U| TOP100

14U Baby! We were excessively meticulous about this list due to the fact that these guy don’t have a chance to be on next years list. So without further adieu! Here’s the 2018-2019 14U RNRTOP100 Rankings #1| QB Tyler Jefferson I would like to introduce to you our #1 Athlete in Central Florida Tyler Jefferson! … More 14U| TOP100


RNRTOP100 | 12U Division …. OH MY GOSH! This year’s 12U Division was nothing less than amazing. This was one of the deepest Divisions by far! AND HARDEST LEVEL TO RANK! The TOP10 can play on any high school team right now and add an immediate impact! The best part is we have 1 to … More 12U|TOP100


RNRTOP100 | 10U RNRTOP100 | 10U Division had a lot of buzz around it due to the fact it’s stacked with talent from the top to the bottom! To be honest you can mix up the top 15, throw em up and let them land and still be right but here is our take on … More 10U|TOP100


RNR YOUNGSTARS | TOP50 RNR would like to present our RNR YOUNGSTARS. These you mine have been seen either on the field, Film, RNR Camp, or recommended by our Official RNR SCOUTS. We weren’t going to do 8U but with the help of RNR 8U Scouting Director Octavious Lewis we made this come to life … More 8U|TOP50