RNRtop100 Trench Dawgs / Khyree Harmon / 11u / City life Avengers

November 2, 2022

written by: Dorrington Myers


An offense will go as far as the line allows, the center is the unquestioned leader of this fierce, dominant unit. Khyree possess an abundance of high quality characteristics that any good coach would want. His strength is unmatched, Khyree’s power behind shooting is hands is a work of art. He’s like a shark, once he gets hands on then he makes defenses pay for gambling and leaving him 1 v 1. Running behind Khyree is a guaranteed 9-15 yd carry every single time. His most important quality is his mental capacity to adapt to different fronts and LB’s, and call out the adjustments at the line of scrimmage. Khyree has a very high IQ that puts his offense in scoring position and gives his Qb a second pair of eyes and ears to operate. Power is his game, Khyree can move mountains if he wanted to and he has the build to be one of the most dominant centers ever. He’s been given the nickname Mr. Pancakes for the work he does. Every time he makes contact with his defenders he folds them like a lawn chair at a summer cookout with some sweet tea on the side. This young man is exciting to watch, he actually enjoys the game of football and is one of the most humble, down to earth people I’ve ever met. His ceiling is high and I’ll be following his journey along the way. Keep doing what you’re doing Khyree, you’re right on track.